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Thread: 870p police trades at Sportsman's Outdoor

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    Good deal considering whatís included. Police wood furniture runs about $100 used, the 18.5 police barrels sell for over $350 (one on eBay with bids @$400) and a +2 is about $50.

    If I was in the market for an 870, Iíd hop on this.

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    So I bought one of these. Itís a bit beat up on the outside, but the finish is still in decent condition and it looks almost new inside when disassembled. The tritium still glows in the sights and mine came with a sling. Carried a lot, shot a little seems to apply. Iím undecided whether I want to shorten the stock to an appropriate LOP or just replace the furniture with MagPul. The wood has a certain appeal to it and Iím tempted to leave it with the retro look. Barrel codes indicate 1995 manufacture. Iíve been wanting a second 870P for a awhile, so Iím pleased with the purchase. As I remarked to a buddy the other day, I think the days of $300 870Pís are going, going, gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LJP View Post
    As I remarked to a buddy the other day, I think the days of $300 870Pís are going, going, gone.
    Yup just like $99 SKS and $99 Lee-enfields.

    Agencies have been drooping shotguns for patrol rifles or relegating shotguns to less leather only for 20 years now. The supply gets smaller every year. The great panic of Ď20 didnít help either.

    My own agency has de-authorized shots completely for the general agent population. They are now limited to breaching and less lethal by our SRT teams.

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    Glad I held onto my 870P and its older twin, a 20" police Wingmaster. Both are great shotguns. Don't make em like they used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LHS View Post
    I have a feeling that pre-Freedumb-Group 870s are about where S&W revolvers were 10 or 15 years ago: about to skyrocket in price.
    Remember when used marlin lever guns were erreywhere for $200-$300 and then:Freedum Group and that little JM stamp on the barrel doubled or tripled the value.
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