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Thread: 870p police trades at Sportsman's Outdoor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    Makes sense, in a perverse sort of way: the guns match the ammo.
    But why if there is no ammo?? A shotgun with no ammo is a club and there are better clubs.

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    Folks, Imma just gonna leave this link here, because I love yíall.

    Why do trollís ass, when you can have the muttís nuts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    Do they sell to non-LEOs? I know they were pretty persnickety about ammo that way, when there was ammo to sell.
    Yeah. They are on the used rack. Once they put them on GB though, the price will go through the roof

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    I was at the local cop shop yesterday; they put most of their police trade-ins on Gunbroker. They were telling me that 870Pís normally went for $250-$300, but are now consistently selling for $550-$600.
    My LGS had several months ago (maybe at the height of the pre-election buying frenzy) about 20 870P Magnums that were West Virginia SP trade ins. They varied from looking pretty good to not so great, but not nearly as bad as what weíre seeing here from Sportsman. They were standard capacity with rifle sights. Mechanical function was excellent and every one was sold at $650-$700 in a flash.

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    My lgs is selling used State police remington 870s for 329. they just got another batch in, and haven't gouged them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ndu8002 View Post
    My lgs is selling used State police remington 870s for 329. they just got another batch in, and haven't gouged them.
    At that price, grab two!

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    What will be the first firearm to come out of the factory once production resumes?

    ďItíll be the 870, thatíll be the first gun,Ē Italia said, promising to send photos of No. 1 before itís goes out the dooróor hangs on the wall in celebration of the milestone.
    Suppose to start new production yesterday. I wonder what the price will be of the new 870's?

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    A True Story

    National LE shop had 870P turn ins at 299 ish. One was on a pistol grip stock and was particularly rustic looking externally. As I usually run a Mossberg and do not like PG stocks ,I was put off by the set up until I noticed that every screw on it had a witness mark, the follower was clean, hi viz and the action was quite smooth. The inside was clean, clean, clean.

    What I did was hesitate, did not buy it on weds and came back on sat to find it gone.

    What I should done was fully realize that anybody who cared enough to witness mark every screw,upgrade the follower and keep the internals super clean likely meant this was a great shotgun for 299 even if I was going to have to switch out the stock. Hell, I probably could have made more money on selling the PG one than the Bantam one would have cost me.

    Bottom Line-
    If you are remotely in the market for a shotgun and you can buy 870P ( or even older Wingmasters etc.) for 329 ish, you are losing money not to pull the trigger.
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    I have a feeling that pre-Freedumb-Group 870s are about where S&W revolvers were 10 or 15 years ago: about to skyrocket in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TQP View Post

    I have no idea if this is a good price or not. Showed up in my email this morning
    Very high pre-2020, but one thing to note is that those pics show aftermarket tritium sights. So that might account for some of the price at least. Even if the tritium is dead, they are better than the remington factory rifle sights

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