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Thread: 3,1nch skinny barrel

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    One of the original Indiana Jones movie guns was set up like that. A .455 Hand Ejector IIRC, I'll look around for a close up pic.Name:  RotLA-stembridge2.jpg
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    There were apparently two revolvers used in the first movie. The "shooter" was a .455 version. This was a .45 ACP used in other shots.
    "The "Stembridge" is a Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector 2nd Model with a blued finish, lanyard ring and the normal 1917 5.5-inch barrel cut down to 4 inches. The first half-inch of the barrel is a band sweated over a turned down barrel. The band is not the reamed out section of the front of the cut off barrel as there is no taper to the band. The front sight is re-shaped and silver soldered to a flattened area on the band."

    Original research courtesy of, no connection to me.

    More on point, it seems like a straight forward and even historically typical configuration.
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    My Dad's change box defense weapon (He was a city bus driver.) was a Colt Police Positive Special .32-20 that had been sawn off to 2" and the front sight soldered back on. Probably silver solder, the barrel had a bright heat blue. I don't think any effort had been made to zero it. The sight looked awfully tall. Unfortunately he sold it after he retired and I don't have it to check out.
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    And that last picture looks just like my Hand Ejector, except for the grips. Thanks for providing it.

    More about that revolver. Shipped to Canada during WW1, later changed from .455 to .45 Colt, barrel shortened, and adjustable sight removed so a fixed one could be soldered on. It is most certainly one of those "if this gun could only talk" firearms.

    Supica's books do not list this particular Hand Ejector (by serial number) as being adjustable sight revolver but the serial number is in the range purchased by the Commonwealth during WW1. It has the Canadian acceptance stamp and that is all. If it had gone to Great Britain, there would be ugly stamps all over it. If only it could talk.

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    There was a barrel on eBay recently that was a cut down with a banded front sight installed. The sight looked like it might have been an old Lyman or something similar. I don't see it listed now and am kind of wishing I would have saved some pics.

    This might look a little odd, depending on what vintage revolver is being customized. It would like right at home, in my opinion, on a trimmed and tricked out single action or Indiana Jones retro. It might even look okay on some sort of custom .480 Ruger Super Redhawk.

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