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Thread: What's in your Watchlist?

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    What's in your Watchlist?

    The shortage of supplies and guns has led me back to gunbroker recently. I used to have a nightly ritual of scouring hundreds of pages of GB (after the wife goes to sleep) looking for custom pistols. I've found my share there too, from a pair of Hoag mastergrades, to custom 1911's by Steve Woods, and Bill Wilson, among others. So now I'm back, casually looking for a gem. So it got me thinking, What do the other PF people have in their Watchlists? What are you deciding on? Or maybe need to do more research on? Are they there because they're quirky, or bear some historical significance?

    So, what does your Watchlist say about you? I'll start with one:

    Austin was a master, and wasn't afraid to chop up something to make what he needed. This pistol is a testament to that. In years past, I would have bid on this, just to own it for awhile. Some things you just have to own for a bit to learn what's going through the pistolsmith's head, and see what kind of techniques they used to build something cool.

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    I keep threatening to buy a PPC gun built on a 357 revolver for hunting blacktail deer in the brush around here.

    I'd settle for an 8-pound jug of Varget. Probably cost about the same these days....

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    I'm looking at knives. They don't need ammo, and I have plenty of sharpening tools.
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    I'll start researching who the gunsmith that built this is, and his reputation:

    I've never seen this combo of frame and top, but Frank Glenn is a smith I've used alot before. Super old school guy, building awesome guns:

    And this is the sleeper of the group. I'll probably put a bid on this one, if I can somehow feel confident Ahrends did the work, and the price is still low:

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    I'm hoping the lack of a box/papers etc and the visible wear scares off all the collectors... but I'm not holding my breath.

    Just dreaming of owning a wheelgun like this, with a nice leather rig for it, that I can wear as I drive around a big block Challenger or Chevelle.

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    Have been looking at gp100's, because you all suck, and wound up with a S & W performance center 1911 because I'm an idiot.

    Selling 3 glocks while buying another blue label 48, also, because things.

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    Honestly the only thing I keep an eye out for is small and large pistol primers.
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    I search “custom” in revolvers often. Also “Horton” and “NY-1”
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    HK USP LEM,45, 9mm full size.

    Burgess Folding Shotgun.

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    This is a timely thread. I've been spending too much time on Gunbroker lately and will likely buy a pistol for no specific reason. My budget is low enough to preclude most really interesting pistols though.

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