This is a two day beginner course oriented toward the newer precision rifle shooter. This course will establish a solid foundation for any shooter who wishes to properly utilize their precision rifle system.

Over the 16 hour training block shooters will learn how to properly build the weapon system to fit their structure, proper zeroing techniques, positional shooting, use of scope systems, data gathering and tracking recommendations (lab radar will be available during course), tripod techniques, extreme angle shooting formulas, hot and cold bore considerations, cleaning procedures to ensure consistency, ballistic app utilization, shooter/spotter techniques and elevated stress drills. Projectile considerations will be discussed as applicable to the needs of the shooter (i.e. hunting vs intermediate barrier loads).

As this is a beginner level precision rifle course, mechanics and proper fundamentals will be top priority. Shooters will have the opportunity to engage targets out to 400 yards. This is not a "long range" type of course. This training provides a solid foundation for students to build upon after successful completion of the class.

Training will take place at Double Tapp Range located at 14010 E Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716. 9am-5pm both days.

- Rifle with bipod, capable of 1 minute of angle accuracy or better
- Rifle sling
- Quality scope w/ adjustable MOA or MRAD turrets
- Scope instructions and scope mounting/adjustment tools (scope tool kit)
- Rear sand bag/sock support
- 200 rounds match grade/premium ammunition (same lot # recommended)
- Cleaning rod, bore guide, bore brush, solvents, jags, patches (cleaning kit)
- Pen, pencil, ruler
- Calculator/smartphone
- Notebook or rifle data book
- Eye and ear protection
- Lens cleaning cloth
- Personal food and hydration needs for the day
- State/government issued identification
- Weather appropriate gear (we shoot rain or shine)
- Sunscreen/hat

- Latex gloves (for rifle cleaning)
- Knee and elbow pads
- Shooting tripod
- Shooting mat
- Spotting scope
- Laser rangefinder
- Kestrel/wind meter

***IT IS IMPORTANT THE RIFLE, SCOPE AND AMMUNITION MEET THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE.*** Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding gear.

***Round count approximately 200***

***NO REFUNDS unless course is cancelled by Combat Absolute***