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Thread: Walther PDP New Duty pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magsz View Post
    That beavertail area looks really flat and uncomfortable...much like the retarded design of the Q5 steel pistols beavertail. Who the hell is their ergonomics engineer?

    It's not so much the beavertail, but the undercut at the triggerguard/mag realease looks like it was designed by someone that's never shot more than 50 rounds through a pistol before.

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    I'm hearing this is the Glock Killer.

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    This past year, and at least for the foreseeable future, any gun on the shelves at the LGS sells, so the bar for new designs to sell is quite low.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    Apparently 18-rounders from Q4/PPQ will work, but the 15-rounders will not.

    Walther jumps into the "modular" frame world ala Sig P320 with this one. Maybe they'll get a thumb safety out for the smaller version before Beretta or HK.

    I really can't get over how cheap modern Walthers look. And this is no exception. Whatever happened to just machining plain cocking serrations?
    Complaining about cheap looking polymer pistols is like complaining about hookers in a whorehouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by call_me_ski View Post
    I think the steel frame Walthers are a good indicator of their attention to detail. Walther didn’t just throw a PPQ top end onto a steel frame. They redesigned the Barrel locking surfaces and the slide lock mechanism to account for the much less flexible frame. The barrel and slide do not interchange with a normal PPQ. I do wonder how those guns are holding up. There has to be a few people with a lot of rounds on them by now.
    Eh, I've heard multiple high level shooters say that the SF has really weird harmonics that makes it more difficult to shoot with an RDS, even compared to the polymer frame versions. One of them even went as far as to say this was likely due to a lack of analysis then going from polymer to steel, so... dunno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper224 View Post
    Complaining about cheap looking polymer pistols is like complaining about hookers in a whorehouse.
    But you go to a whorehouse know maybe we should discuss this elsewhere...

    So at this point is anyone here on P-F actually shooting a Walther PPQ/Q4/Q5 regularly?
    Seriously guys, are we not doing 'phrasing' anymore?

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    I dig the texture extending up to the top of the grip. If it doesn't drop the striker on impact and has a ppq-esque trigger, I'd be open to playing with one.

    I recently played with a few ppq's in the lgs. The q5 sf match was a pleasant surprise. Great trigger and the beaver tail that i always wrote off as would-be bothersome in my head, felt fine once i had it in hand. I want to shoot one.

    The plastic ppq had a rather pedestrian striker trigger in comparison but seemed fine. Plenty of takeup for my likes and not especially light. Grip was a bit slick but perfect in size. The beavertail on it was more noticeable as far as being wide but not enough to make me think it'd be an issue without shooting it.

    Hopefully this is just an improved ppq. If so I'm open to it when i have a want to grab another striker gun. At least aftermarket support will be ready from the jump. I dig what Walther is doing in that regard. Their website has tons of aftermarket products/ support(chpws, boresight, taylor freelance to name a few) listed for their guns to put a new owner in the right direction and i find that refreshing.

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    Modular... Better ergos... Other than that, I guess I just don't see a major point of difference vs. the PPQ? Maybe the modular aspect appeals to LE more? Any idea if this gonna be an Ulm (Actual Walther) gun or an Arnsberg (Umarex) gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Default.mp3 View Post

    Seems like yet another quality polymer SFA pistol.

    Highlights from rom the article: "This gives the 4-inch compact-frame Walther PDP a slight edge in customization, since it can accommodate threaded barrels, comps, magazine extensions, and recoil assemblies from the PPQ all from the get-go. As icing on the cake, all PDP slides utilize Glock-pattern dovetails for their iron sights, allowing for an N+1 selection of non-optic sights.

    The bang switch on the PDP is a new, proprietary unit they’re calling the Performance Duty Trigger, or PDT. (Putting the Performance Duty Trigger in the Performance Duty Pistol is an excellent example of German-inspired creativity and free spirit.) Naming conventions aside, the PDT is quite possibly the single best factory trigger on a striker gun we’ve ever laid hands on. The trigger on our sample gun has about a half-inch of clean, gliding take-up before hitting a brick wall that breaks consistently at 4 pounds, 4 ounces on our digital gauge."

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