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Thread: RFI - Presses

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    I have a Dillon and Corbin swage press and I really want to get a turret press. I am considering the Lyman 8 station one.

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    I use a Hornady LNL Progressive - and it is a bit quirky - but once you learn the quirks, I have loaded many thousands of rounds of bulk 223, and all pistol calibers....

    I think Red or Blue - either will serve you well..

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    I bought the Hornady 8 years ago and wish I’d gone with the Dillon 650.

    I had many thousands of Winchester SPPs which the Hornady will not feed. I couldn’t go 100 rounds without clearing a jam in the primer feed.

    I ended up buying a used Dillon SDB locally and load my .38 specials (my most used round) on it. I prefer it to the Hornady for pistol and may invest in a conversion (if not another SDB) for .45 ACP.

    If you’re only going to load pistol, do not plan on adding a case feeder, bullet feeder, or non-OEM dies (SDB dies are proprietary), I recommend the SDB for volume. It is actually faster than bigger progressives if they’re not using a bullet or case feeder.

    Being pistol-only, the press stroke is much shorter, plus the bullet and case are fed from opposite sides of the press, so I can use both hands to feed case and bullet at the same time. These add up to a much faster rate than my Hornady, where case and bullet have to be fed with my left-hand only (unless I want to lean way to the left.) , and the press stoke is much longer.

    When you look at those impressive feed rates advertised for bigger progressives, that’s using a collator/feeder for case, bullet, or both. It’ll cost about $1,000 to add both to a press.

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