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Thread: PMAGs are in stock and still at normal price

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    Quote Originally Posted by O4L View Post
    Gotta link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by O4L View Post
    Gotta link?
    Sure do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    Nice! I wish they had ODG too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jh9 View Post
    During the last AWB most people I know simply switched over to 10-round mags for high volume use. Everybody had preban mags. Not many people used them much. Even in the IPSC crowd. IDPA and later on Limited 10 / Production came about for a reason.

    Stockpiling sounds good, but in a permanent ban (rather than a 10 year hiatus) how many people are going to be putting a lot of wear and tear on their $100 Glock mags? That stash also might start looking like a mortgage payment after a job loss or a market correction. So at some point, for most people that would rather have thousands of dollars in unrealized gains parked in something other than magazines, they're just going to be TEOTWAWKI fodder. You can have "enough" with a small handful if all they do is sit on the shelf because they're too valuable to flog or the primary venue where they're relevant changes.

    I'm not saying don't prep. I'm just saying that we've been down this road and the reality is once those things turn into money, a lot of people are going to find an alternate use for that money that doesn't involve the equivalent of chucking it in a fireplace.
    The one thing you’re wrong about here is that if a new ban passes resale is also likely to be illegal, so unless you’re comfortable with the black market a lot of people won’t be able to turn them back into money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    Back in stock again, I ordered 3 of the 5-packs this morning.
    Well that was fast, I got home from running errands this morning and they were on my doorstep. Props to DSG for fast processing and shipping.

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