Since we've had a fair bit of discussion by members in and around NoVA about precision rimfire (especially given that match .22 is one of the few types of ammo that can still be purchased), I thought it would be useful to start a thread on the local matches.

The Mid-Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) added a bunch of clubs for 2021, so there are a bunch of options in the region.

MARS matches vary a bit based on the range with some on traditional rifle ranges and others on more natural terrain. You're still going to be expected to know your firing solution for targets out to at least 200 yards at most of these matches, with some even further.

A few of the MARS clubs will shoot the NRL22 monthly course of fire, plus some additional more challenging longer stages. NRL22 clubs can be found here:

Peacemaker changed it's rimfire series for 2021 and is instead hosting two larger rimfire matches. One in the spring and one in the fall:

The PNTC .22 matches often have targets at 350+ yards, so you need a good rifle/ammo combo to be successful.