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Thread: Welded Steel D-Ring AIWB Belt

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    After several days, I'm thinking this is my favorite other than the Shivworks belt (which, unfortunately I've about under-grown).

    For those who are talking about having trouble getting it tight, I had the same issue at first. I figured out if you just barely lift the D ring, maybe like 15 degree angle, you can get it very tight. Lifting the buckle too much more than that let it get snug but not tight. It definitely stays where you put it.

    My only minor quibble is I'd like the "nose" to be tapered or rounded a bit. It's hard enough that with it left squared off you have a bit of "threading the needle" to get it started since it won't fit in the D ring if it's a little bit too high or off kilter.

    I like the no Velcro.

    The D rings seem like overkill in a good way. Like if I ever need my belt to double as a logging chain or something it's capable.
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    Thanks to everyone for sharing their feedback and for the support!

    Here is a little bit more info about the D-ring and some of the design/construction elements and why they are that way.

    Since the D-Ring doesnít have any hook and loop we designed the tail to be shorter than the Specialist (~3Ē) so you donít have a long tail section flopping about on your waistband (since the D-ring is also designed to work without the need of a keeper for the tail).

    As a general note if anyone would like a longer tail section when the belt is worn you can order a size larger however you may be in danger of having the belt be too large if you are closer to the end of the adjustment range (i.e. adjusted as small as possible) on your Specialist as adjustment range of a D-Ring and Specialist of the same size is the same, just that the tail of the D-ring is shorter.

    The D-ring belts also have a bit of a break in period, after a little while the tail will become easier to thread through the buckles and the buckles will start to lay flatter as the tail section breaks in.

    When designing the belt we thought about clipping the end of the tail to make it easier to feed through belt loops but we ended up with the tail the way it is because it will hold up much better in the long term versus clipping and burning the end of the tail.

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    Iíd like the extra length to keep it threaded when Iím dropping trou. Itís easier to keep the holster where I want it riding on a connected loop (like the specialist) vs having to undo it and hope it doesnít roll out of my underwear and dump on the ground or have to disconnect/reconnect my holster for bathroom breaks.

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    I found that it's easier to tighten snuggly if you pull the tail at up and down angles versus just pulling it parallel with the belt line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearFondler View Post
    I found that it's easier to tighten snuggly if you pull the tail at up and down angles versus just pulling it parallel with the belt line.
    Agree. I actually use my right hand to pull the tail up and away at an angle somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees, tightens like a champ. I went next size up on mine as I actually like having that extra material to get a good grab on. It makes it under the first belt loop on the left side to where my mag pouch is located at about 11 o'clock or so.

    Started that habit with the AustriAlpin frame lock on another Mastermind belt...and with a couple inches less belt length to work with, it's a bit more work but still quite doable.
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    I got my new D-Ring in the mail today. Two days from NH to AZ. It looks great. Thanks Mack!
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