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Thread: Thinking about start reloading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan0354 View Post
    Hi Wise_A
    I actually thought about the reloading table. That's hard in my case. I don't want to work in the garage, it would be so nice I can be in the family room with the tv on and do the reload. That make it hard to have a table sturdy enough to put the press on to reload. I have a work room, but nothing in it, it's hard to sit there alone and spend hours reloading. Also, my work bench in the room is only a folding table, not even close to the sturdiness needed for the press. I think RCBS sells a small table, but it's like over $150!!!
    I would not want to work in the garage. Even in a more mild climate than I live in, I wouldn't want to expose my dies and electronics to humidity.

    I started on the Stack-On reloading bench:

    Aside from very limited storage, it was actually quite good. The next addition was a home project with Pops--nothing fancy, just leftover lumber and some heavy planks from the old lake house for a benchtop. Again, worked fine, once I figured out how to get the the two-piece benchtop solidly fixed.

    For the monster expansion, I went with a pricier bench from Home Depot:

    It's perfectly solid, although I placed plywood to back the underside of the top where the press mounts are bolted (Ultramounts for both the Co-Ax and the 750). It will wobble side-to-side, but not front to back, although admittedly I haven't really gone in and made sure everything was tightened on it. Not to mention, it's free-standing, and still on some cardboard to make it easier to tweak the location.

    There are a lot of bench options that work. Lee makes a stand for their presses, but there's no workspace. And you need workspace. I'll be up to 20', and I think I'll just about have enough, although I'm planning on having everything out and ready to use. Frankford Arsenal makes a little table, but I've heard it's a wobbly little thing.

    Hence why I say, get to work on the bench now. Buy a leg kit and a top, build your own, whatever. Take your time, spread out purchases to get nicer stuff. Even if you discard the idea of reloading before you're done, it's awful nice to have a big, wide open space to work on your guns.

    And yeah--no TV. I know a couple accidents caused by that. I'll play music, but I don't jerk around skipping songs while I reload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Which Lee press? Iím loading 1/3 MOA 6.5 CM ammo on my Breechlock Classic Cast nowadays and Iíd take a chance on Lee turrets, but I wouldnít touch a Lee progressive with a 10í pole.
    It's a single stage. Nothing so wrong with such a simple device per se. It's the accessories like the flimsy plastic primer magazine/loader, the perfect powder measure, powder scale. Bought in a start up "kit". Save money I said. Epitome of cry twice.
    As a man sows, so shall he reap.

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    Right now, with all we know about you, I would recommend you start with the Lee turret press.

    Itís going to be learnable for you but still give you some room to grow. Should you really get into reloading and stick with it for the long haul, you will always have a use for it. Should you decide not to persue it as a hobby, itís one of the Lee products with a good enough reputation to sell reasonably.

    Lee dies, scale, and the auto disk or perfect powder measures should also work reasonably well at your level and can be found on Amazon.

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