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Thread: RFI - Lyman Brass-Smith All American 8 Turret Press vs Redding T7

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    Thank you.

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    Good luck finding anything in stock, seriously. Let us know, we will help search.

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    Thanks I appreciate it. It's rough out there.

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    +1 on turret presses.

    I use an ancient Posness-Warren with multiple die stations and shellholders. It's like having several single-stage presses welded together. It demands the same thoughtfulness as a single-stage press but adds the ability to repeat a step for one case without having to pull the dies, so if I drop a case after expanding it and dent the case mouth, then I can move the case back one position, smooth out the dent, and drive on. It's also easier to stop for quality checks, etc.

    It's also faster than you'd think. I ran a Dillon 650 for a while, but once I adjusted production rates for the time that I spent filling primer tubes and clearing primer misfeeds, it was not much faster than the Posness-Warren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNiner View Post
    You want the newer auto "drum" powder measure, not the older auto"disk" system. Its much more precise with any load. With the autodisk, you are stuck with the preformed hole sizes in the disks
    What I liked about the disk system is that I didn’t worry about it “adjusting” itself back when I had my Lee Turret. (I’ve not had that happen with my Dillon or my RCBS Uniflow but I would check the thrown charges more frequently with an adjustable measure.)

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    Indeed, I have both the Auto-Drum and Auto-Disk. And still use both! If the Auto-Disk drops the charges you want, then it's magnificent--very repeatable and easy to change calibers. But I prefer the Auto-Drum on the Auto Breech-Lock Pro for the precise adjustability. And you can have your drums set up and labelled for the charges you want, they can just be a little fiddly to get adjusted just-so.

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    I have the drum and disk set as well. I went back to the disks, the drum leaked or had big swings in charge weights. I have since read that there are things that can be done to improve that but the disks are fine for my needs. I’ve yet to find load that didn’t fall into one of the disks.

    Get what’s in stock at this point I guess.

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    I’ve only ever used the Auto-Disk method. I find it incredibly consistent, but only able to dispense specific increments.
    For example, mine will dispense (a measured) 3.3 gr of HP-38, and the next increment up will dispense 3.5 gr.
    This works fine for me, as 3.3 is perfect for my match loads. But if I was needing 3.4 gr, I’d be out of luck and buying the Auto-Drum.
    I had considered adding the Auto-Drum, but after reading many reviews that it tends to come out of adjustment and must be checked frequently, I am completely happy with the Auto-Disk.

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    When I was researching turret presses I emailed Redding inquiring about durability of the T7 vs the Ultra Mag and informed them that I was planning on running large quantities of .40 brass a GRX die which can be a real bear on heavily bulged brass and I wanted a lot of compound which both had but didn't want to stress the press, and I liked the idea of the turret. This was before I realized the turret had a large integral support cast into the frame that supports the turret.

    They replied that the T7 would have no issues at all and that Sierra Bullets had bought one of the very first production T7s, and that many years later called wanting some replacement parts for it. Redding said they wanted that press back for evaluation and just sent them a whole new press at no charge. Redding wanted it back because Sierra had never replaced a thing on the press and had loaded in excess of two million rounds on it comprising just about every rifle and handgun caliber.

    I bought the T7 and love the thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post

    I use an ancient Posness-Warren
    You’ve probably never heard of it.
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