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    Hello, would people be interested in something more than just a drill of the week? Something like a postal match where people could run it at their home indoor square range and post their scores / videos here.

    I was envisioning something where a PDF file was available online (maybe @RJ could help) and people printed it out and shot it at 5 yards. There would be a specific course of fire and scoring. People could post their "hit factor" and target in the thread and we could have a friendly competition. Each competition could only be shot once cold.

    Thoughts? Stupid idea? Any interest?

    Something like using the Finding Your Level target and having a course of fire like:
    Start with gun loaded and on table. On beep, engage two targets from the left side of your stall with two shots each, reload and then the two remaining targets from the right side of your stall.
    Hits touching or inside the line count as 5 points. Hits outside the line but on paper are 1 point. Hits off the paper are -10 points. Add the points and divide by time in seconds to get Hit Factor.

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    I’d be interested in doing something like that.

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    I think it’s a cool idea and I would participate when I get to the range.

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    It's probably going to be quite a while before I can get to a range, but this sounds like a cool idea, and I hope you get it (or something like it) going.

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    If most interested people are on indoor ranges, ignore me. But my one suggestion would be for starts to be a ready position (low, compressed, whatever). That gets rid of the holster for people at indoor ranges that don’t allow it, but also works for those of us at outdoor ranges without a table handy.

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    Sounds like something I can do while still on semi-lockdown. I'm in.

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    I like it… let's do it.

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    I won't make to the range till mid March but I'd shoot it then
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