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Thread: You won the billion dollar lotto, can you save the 2A?

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    Give money to the Dems if they promise to Leave the 2A Alone

    Those whores in politics will do anything for money.

    ***Not a political post. Simply starting a fact that is beyond contestation***

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    Bruh, they sold that ticket like 7 miles from my house. No shit.

    Now I sit at home hoping that I actually know who bought it.

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    The first thing I’d want to do is find a way to grow it. This is a long haul fight, with some rich mofos on the other side. No company would be left undisturbed; no successful 2A fan left unromanced.

    Speaking of; as others note, looking at how things have gone lately in WA state, I’d want to look at what Gates, Hanauer, and Bloomberg are doing with their gifts, and do the opposite of that. This means ads that cut to the heart of the matter of self-determination, and defending you and yours. There are some well-meaning, but undereducated folks passing laws around here on topics they don’t fully understand. I’m not opposed to letting a representative democracy work for the will of the people—I just want the fucking people to go into it with their eyes open, and a grasp of the issues and the potential cobra effects hidden therein.

    I’d want to take some of the interest on whatever the foundation produces and sponsor a series of overnight youth summer camps, like they do with basketball and dance, and center them around outdoor activities like hiking, survival skills, tracking, edible plant recognition, conservation, archery, and a ton of .22LR rifle work. I’d put Sean M in charge of that part, so there’s no watering that shit down, and I’d make sure there are camps in every region—and they’d be very inclusive. Let’s get the vegan children of Yoga teachers and activists out in the wilderness for a week. There’s enough room and freedom for anyone who wants in, I don’t give a shit what color their hair is, who their friends are, and what their parents do for a living.

    I’d also look at the places that I think have DA races that can tip back towards putting this riot/roadway fuckery back in the bottle, and Soros the shit out of those, in similar fashion to luthier dude, above.

    TBH, a billion just isn’t that much, but setting up some sort of foundation to put the pro 2A, pro 1A, and generally pro-order and stability people on equal footing with the 5 families that fucked up my state would be a start.

    Oh, and I’d personally check in with Mas to see what he wants to do with SAF’s cut.

    That’s off the cuff. I’ll be interested to see what this thread brings, and if any hand-me-down ideas emerge that are relevant to the #poors.
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    I would start a company to develop a new social media system that is 1) decentralized 2) encrypted and 3) open-source, to provide a competitor to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. None of the current alternatives are good enough. It wouldn't be gun-related per se, but any pro-gun message you try to put out on current social media now is going to be minimized if not outright censored.

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    Make a chain of the sweetest action pistol ranges across the nation and offer free courses and classes all expense paid to reluctant housewives and college age kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Make a chain of the sweetest action pistol ranges across the nation and offer free courses and classes all expense paid to reluctant housewives and college age kids.
    This is the best idea I have heard yet. We need to do whatever we can to make the shooting sports more mainstream.
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    First off I would not GIVE anybody anything.

    Nobody gets a free AR15. Nobody gets a free Glock.

    When you give people stuff for free they don't care about it in the least bit.

    They can earn it, by attending classes, sponsored by me. Learning safety, handling whatever.

    Put in time learning, then volunteering to advance the cause and earn an AR or Glock or both.

    The judges and attorneys who want to fight for the 2A. Well, `the harder they fight, the more they get. The more successful they are, the more perks they get. Pays to win. But nobody is going to pull the crap like the NRA has been pulling. Pay for your own damned suits.

    If it needs to be started on the local community level, that is fine. Then go state wide, then go from there.

    Don't forget the future generations.

    Kids get started early with school rifle teams. Future generations of shooters matter, so boys and girls clubs will have all the .22 rifles and ammo they need. Junior USPSA leagues need to be sponsored too. Get good grades, get free ammo.

    Sponsor a "Ranch Wives, Guns and Coffee Sunday" once each moth where the women get to go shoot .22s and drink coffee. Women are bigger part of the 2A than many realize. Supporting them with their own events is smart.

    Welcome to @LittleLebowski Wyoming or Lost River Idaho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Not a political thread!

    What would you do to save the Second Amendment in the US if you won the billion dollar lotto?
    With all due respect, how is this not a political thread??? 2A=politics. To save 2A, we need to realize that the 2A is just a small part of the value system that does not include anything that the contemporary left represents today. It is not random, that the left is against the 2A. It is matter of fact, the gun control is the best case study about American politics for the last 50 years. If we don't understand this, no money can help

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    The right answer is to hire a bn worth of lobbyists. It works.

    That said, I am tempted to create a set of scholarships to Hillsdale, Benedictine, Steubenville, etc. that form the core of amateur competitive shooting leagues at each of those universities.

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    I would build ranges all over the place and focus on youth shooting sports.

    They need to be convenient, clean and safe. As well as fun. They would not be free but heavily subsidized to encourage people to take up the sport. Much like a public golf course I imagine.

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