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Thread: Streamlight Wedge - A Stiletto replacement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Up1911Fan View Post
    I've carried a Sidekick on my Keychain for several years. I've never seen one with a factory pocket clip.
    Its a $10.00 at Surefire and I just saw it multiple places online when I grabbed this link.

    ETA I dont have one and have never used one. I saw some negative reviews and positive reviews.
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    A Sidekick with pressure on only switch and a more focused beam would be great.

    I do have the pocket clip. It is a clever addition, but still puts a lot of stress on the key chain attachment. I have had them fail there.

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    I remember when the sidekick came out. I had one in my shopping cart almost immediately, and then thought “let me go look for some videos on this thing” and was shocked at the size of it. People talk about putting this on their keys and all I can think is “maybe my wife’s keys, she has a purse to carry this crap. There’s no way I’d add that thing to my pocket”.

    I mean, the very fact that there’s a pocket clip available for it tells me that it’s no keychain light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    I mean, the very fact that there’s a pocket clip available for it tells me that it’s no keychain light.
    Yeah I carried one for a few months on my car key chain and it was like having two fobs. Replaced it with a streamlight microstream usb with a zip-tie/keyring setup. The microstream having the tail switch is just easier to use as well rather than pushing on the side of the Sidekick hoping you have the side with the button.
    The Wedge looks interesting but I echo the comments about needing a tail switch.

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