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Thread: S & W internal lock removal options?

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    S & W internal lock removal options?

    Seems there are wide views on the “Hilary Hole”. If I had a SW with lock, I could stomach it if I knew it wouldn’t malfunction. Some guys grind down the “nub” so it can’t block the hammer rear movement. That works. Some guys remove the piece containing the “nub” and plug the key hole. If you remove the flagged (“locked”) panel there will be a rectangular shaped slot on the left side of hammer when viewed from the rear in normal shooting position. Will the hammer stay in plane with that slot open as the hammer moves thru it’s stroke? I guess the trade off is you create an opening for debris, water, whatever to enter the pistol. On the other hand you can save the flagged piece with nub intact so you could put the pistol back like it was made if you needed to sell it later? I guess you could grind it off (Dremel) and always order a replacement piece with nub attached if you desired to sell it “as manufactured” and not create the open slot, assuming the hammer still functions properly with slot open. Are these the basic thought on which way to ensure no malfunction? Some feel it won’t malfunction as long as the return spring works but apparently is doesn’t all the time. I thought I read the more likely “inertia induced failures were magnum pistols with light frames”. I would thing a standard 629 would not fit that category but I have read about failures in them as well.

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    I have heard that these parts work quite well on multiple firearms forums over the last 5+ years.

    I have no personal experience with the owner nor his product. That is all.
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    Very nice plug for hole retained with slot interfacing with spring driven retainer. He didn’t address it but he must leave the flagged plate with nub on it out of pistol. Which would leave the rectangular slot open after reassembly. I guess the hammer functions fine?

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    Yeah, it works fine without those parts

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    I have two plugged revolvers with the open gap. I haven’t had any problems, but 03RN has much more trigger time with them. I trust his judgement here.

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    Just installed plugs from Original Precision, highly recommend them. The owner/maker is a stand up guy ... I accidentally ordered K-frame plugs and had to return them, he sent out the proper J-frame plugs at no extra charge. Delivery time was within 5 days of ordering.

    Be warned, however, replacement is not for the faint of heart or fumble-thumbed. The average gun owner will be out of luck, I wager, but those who are used to taking apart their revolvers can probably do it. The Original Precision website has a video showing how to install them.

    Also, these aren't cheap -- about $50 for a teeny tiny plug and an even tinier locking pin -- but they are well made and precisely fitted. And where else can you find something like this? I hate that lock, so I think they're worth the cost, cheaper than trading the gun for one without the lock. The black one on my 340PD is nearly invisible in natural light, the stainless one on my 649 isn't invisible, but it is barely noticeable. Wish I'd done this years ago.
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    I've used the Original Precision plugs. Service is quick and the product is extremely well made. Recommended.
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    My all day every day carry gun for the better part of a decade was three 329s with all lock parts removed. Shot over 9,000 rounds through 3 guns during that time frame. My feeling on the plug "why add more parts that might fail". Never had a "debris" problem.

    Picture of lock parts failure:

    One of the guns



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    Another vote for Original Precision. I replaced the lock on my 69 with a kit from them. I am not a S&W guy, but managed to fumble my way through it. I added blue locktite to the plug for an extra measure and piece of mind. My plug stayed in place and my gun ran 100%.

    I think it is time for Smith to get rid of that horrid feature.
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    The only Smith with lock I own is a 329PD and I depend heavily on it and carry it 24 hrs per.
    I'm in the grind down nub and the possibility of it ever locking up, or, the remove all parts camp.

    I've never bothered with a plug, the hole is small and I'm in the desert mountains, besides my gun gets regular maintenance and cleaning.
    329's aren't very "pretty" to begin with so I have no need for a precisely fitted plug.

    The main thing is to be sure it's completely inoperable, after that it's aesthetics as you see fit.

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