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Thread: Lucas Gun Oil > MPro7...I think

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    Lucas Gun Oil > MPro7...I think

    I've been using MPRO7 for years and it's what I've used the most. The only problem I've had with it is it taking some of the finish off of a wood SKS stock, nothing I couldn't fix. Afterall, it's meant to take moisture out.

    I bought a little 1oz bottle of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil, cleaned and oiled my Glock 43, and two weeks later I took it apart and none of the oil has evaporated, it was all still there. I think the Mpro7 doesn't stick around as long and things dry up after a couple of weeks, maybe except for the barrel because I put it on a little thicker.

    So this is my observation: that the Lucas lasts longer than the Mpro7. It's a little more expensive though, I think it was $5 for 1oz vs $10 for 4oz for the Mpro7. They're both great, but I think the Lucas might be better.

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    Lucas Gun Oil > MPro7...I think

    I have used Lucas Extreme oil and Marine grease with good success in my practice and match CZs. It seems to reduce wear better than anything I have used. I even got over 25k rounds out of one slide stop.

    Works great in ARs too.

    I prefer Weaponshield for precision rifles though.
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    I've tried a bunch of lubes over the years. No quantitative testing or data, but have standardized on the Lucas Extreme, primarily because it works, it stays there and "is there" (after considerable storage time).

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    I used Mpro7 when putting it back together about a week ago and it's still visible, no surprises there. Thanks for the wisdom, that's a lot of rounds to shoot! The construction of the bottle is something Lucas did better as well.
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    Motorkote is my new hotness. My quart of synthetic ATF ran out a couple years ago, and Motorkote was what I had.

    I like it on pistols and rifles.

    Lucas would be my next choice, then Slip2000.


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    2 weeks and the Mpro7 is still visible.

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    How is the Lucas holding up on everyone's weapons, I bought two bottles for my glocks, seems to stay in place a little better than Slip 2000 EWL. From my non-scientific dry firing practice and shooting seems to be a little more smoother action than the Slip.


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    Iíve been using the Lucas Extreme gun oil for about two years now. Itís worked really well for me, and is my go to oil for Glocks and ARs. I havenít tried the gun specific grease, but I have used their marine grease for a few different applications, and have been pleased with it as well.

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    I am fairly agnostic re lubes after seeing how any in spec AR will run with any lube if there is enough of it in the right places as per Pat Rogers (RIP)

    Myself, and 2 or 3 others used red "lucas gun oil" our buddy/auto shop owner had been comped by the lucas rep for the 3 day Rogers class.

    I cleaned my rifle the night before the class, lithium bearing grease on the bolt, the lucas on the charging handle. Topped off the bolt with lucas at lunch and in the am the next 2 days with no issues at all.
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    Still using the same 4 ounce bottle of 100 viscosity Super Lube - - That I've been using for the past four years.

    My preference for firearms, knives, and anything I own that may come into contact with heat/food/my mouth/etc. Is to use a lubricant that is FDA approved for incidental food contact and doesn't produce toxins when heated. I mean, silicone oil might produce toxic fumes when it is set on fire, but the flash point is 572ļF - so unless you're shooting your gun after taking it out of the broiler, you won't likely have a problem.
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