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Thread: Are SW cylinders supported as well as Ruger?

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    I have shot the 629. When I still had my 686, my cousin had a 3 pistol case in which he stored a 6”-686, 8 3/8”-686 and a 6” -629. He likes SW! I remember shooting at his range standing about 10 ft to the side of him shooting. It was impressive. I am still torn about which caliber to get (357 vs 44). I have dies for 357 and have loaded myself. I routinely load for my 25-06 and 300 Win. But for 9mm, before prices went crazy, I bought factory 9mm ammo. I do want to try deer hunting with a revolver. I like the 6.5” 629 more than the 6”; the full underlug barrel is a classic look. I have also shot some 44 Special. I never have shot my revolver (had 686 for 34 years) nearly as much as 9mm semi (Betetta 92A1). But I did use my 686 to thwart a robbery (2 men attempted to rob me). That one incident impressed me that when someone (an assailant) has to consider adverse personal consequences, their priorities can change , fast. There is something impressive looking about a SS revolver look and the sound of it being cocked in a dimly lit parking lot at 530 AM. It’s not as sexy looking as my Beretta. But it looks very effective. And with Democrats not hating revolvers as “guns of war” with their capacities <10 rounds, I don’t think the Government will be coming for our revolvers. But they are very effective for personal protection. I regret selling my 686. It was the only revolver I ever owned. I don’t like the “Hillary Hole”. But I might can stomach it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    I also teach, or have taught, to pinch the hammer if you need to lower it. It gives you better control.

    I guess I'm the odd man out here. On my S&Ws I ride the trigger to lower the hammer. Once the sear is broken, it will re engage at the same point if you allow the trigger to move forward with the hammer. Once the sear is re engaged again, the hammer can be lowered safely by slowly releasing the trigger. Chances of you finger slipping off the trigger is just about zero. I also find it easier to keep my revolver pointing in a safe direction.

    I do this as a few of my carry guns have bobbed hammers and cannot be lowered safely with a thumb.

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