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Thread: FPF Training Street Encounter Skills and Tactics: Multiple Venues in April

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    FPF Training Street Encounter Skills and Tactics: Multiple Venues in April


    Rather than hog up the forum and post each individual class I will post them in groups a few months out. (Oh, and if ammo is a problem I can sell students 250 rounds each of 9mm ball at better than market rates!)

    First, the course description:

    Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills and Tactics

    This course is designed to provide students with a holistic and layered approach to effective self-defense, beginning with an understanding of criminal violence and then building skills and tactics to meet those challenges.
    Course Syllabus
    Online Instruction (4 hours)
    To maximize the in-person learning opportunity, the first four hours of the class are delivered via Internet video. These presentations cover a variety of topics and are intended to inform and challenge students to assess their assumptions and current approach to self-defense.
    Topics include:
    • Developing the defensive mindset
    • Tactics and techniques to support the Awareness, Avoidance, De-Escalation, Evasion paradigm
    • Conflict communications
    • Implications of 3rd party defense
    Numerous other novel topics that are designed to educate while prompting questions that only the student can answer for themselves

    Onsite Instruction (16 hours)
    Two full days of onsite instruction begin with a Q&A on the online video series, followed by a presentation of baseline “stop the bleed” skills and practical application. Classroom work ends with a discussion and application on methods to incorporate pepper spray into self-defense preparations.

    During the remainder of the weekend, concepts and skills will be demonstrated, and then interwoven into highly effective tactics derived from studying the patterns associated social and predatory violence.
    • Street Encounter Skills
    • Tactical Anatomy and “Shooting in 3-D”
    • Time and timing
    • Your first, best, shot
    • Decisive movement
    • Interacting with law enforcement
    • Much more that you will not see in other classes
    Using a combination of live and dry-fire exercises these concepts and newly acquired hard and soft skills are then validated with shooting drills and highly controlled, non-contact force-on-force scenarios.

    End State
    Students will be equipped with an understanding of the threats they face and provided a comprehensive suite of skills and tactics that enable them to respond to these circumstances, ensuring prompt and decisive action within legal and moral constraints

    Cost: $425, which includes the Eventbrite registration fee, but NOT any associated range fees, which will be location specific.
    Requirements: 250 rounds of ball ammunition (factory is MUCH preferred), the pistol you carry, a QUALITY holster (No SERPA type or floppy nylon!) at least 4 magazines, eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing, food, water, sunscreen, bug repellent, notepad and pen…the usual stuff you need on the range. Students must have had prior formal training in safety, marksmanship, and drawing the pistol from concealment. All students are expected to arrive at the course well-versed in safe gun handling practices. Each student will receive two POM pepper spray trainers and one POM live agent dispenser as part of the course fee.

    Here's a video description of the class:

    10-11 April, Beaumont, TX

    17-18 April, Bland, MO

    24-25 April, Martinsville, IN



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    Folks, if you are on the fence, don't be. John is an excellent instructor. He packs a lot of good solid info into his classes.

    And it's not just regurgitating stuff you saw somewhere else. He does a great deal of research and analysis, and presents valuable data in a solid manner.

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    I'm already signed up for the Beaumont class, looking forward to it!

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    I’m posting an AAR of an earlier iteration of this class, but it’s only gotten better! Especially in the current climate, this is an awesome well-rounded opportunity to advance your knowledge and skill set. Murphy is the real deal and his curriculum has only gotten better over time. Highly recommended! If you can only take one class, this would be a strong contender and I hope Murphy is still teaching when my kids are of an appropriate age to train.


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    I also attended the May 18-19 2018 class. A firehose of information from situational awareness, to verbal and physical strategies to avoid a fight. Included pepper spray tactics and then, defensive shooting skills.

    On the first day I took pages of notes that I still reference. .

    Day Two was, for me, a serious stress test of my abilities.
    Please read the excellent AAR for a better description than I can post.

    John obviously has the experience. He also brings a wide range of relavant information and resources from other SMEs to augment his curriculum. He brings a wide range of knowledge, experiences and perspectives.

    Lastly, John has a humble, humorous and engaging personality and presentation. I learned new skills , tested them under stress and, enjoyed the class immensely.

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    Badda Bump!

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    I’m headed to the one in N Idaho. Looking forward to it.
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    This is a fantastic look into all the various disciplines beyond simply shooting a pistol. Highly recommended as a 'gateway drug' for further specialized study.

    Matt Haught
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