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Thread: Holsters (JM, phlster, henry, holsterco) - p09, m&p, 365, 48 & blades

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    Holsters (JM, phlster, henry, holsterco) - p09, m&p, 365, 48 & blades

    Cleaning out some gear I don't have a need for anymore and finally got around to taking pics of.

    Now taking offers on remaining gear.

    edit - ****sold****also have a dryfire mag ( for an m&p - $50 shipped ****sold****


    Jmck aiwb 2.5 5" m&P - purple carbon fiber color, rh, modwing, snap loops - trimmed the sweatguard to mid height, has a few extra holes drilled in the sight channel - one for cant and a set to run dcc clips. $40 shipped

    HolsterCo aiwb rig for 5" m&p - purple, rh, darkwing, metal clip, has a hole drilled into one of the slots to accommodate a jm split loop $35 shipped

    HolsterCo aiwb rig for CZ p09 - purple, rh, darkwing, metal clip $35 shipped

    ****SOLD****Henry Holsters flint for 365/365xl - black, rh, phlster tuckstrut and snap loops $50 shipped****SOLD****

    ****SOLD****Phlster pro series for 48/43x (non mos model) - black, rh, dcc monoblock second hand from another forum member but I don't need it anymore $50 shipped ****SOLD****

    ****sold****Southern Grind Jackal Pup Jade/Black - some wear from drawing from the sheath, has seen little cutting useage $100 shipped****sold****

    Boker Ridgeback OD/Stainless - Coye ridgeback production clone, blade has some light chips and needs sharpened, no attachment for sheath. $45shipped

    Payment via paypal or zelle. Pm with offers. Can give discount if buying multiple items.

    Trade interests - beretta 92 rimfire conversion magazines, cz p09 kadet rimfire magazines, trijicon rmr dovetail mount for beretta 92, cz p09/p10f 19 round magazines, ltt thin 92 grips, Wilson beretta mag guide x2
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    price drops. Feel free to make offers, blades will be going to ebay next week.

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