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Thread: Benchmade Fanboy Thread

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    Iím looking at a Benchmade Steep Country as a hunting knife. Anyone have experience with one?

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    ďCustomĒ Mini Barrage. Commissioned by a fellow BSA troop member after i sponsored him into our outdoor shooting club.

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    I'm not a connoisseur, but have added knives from several manufacturers to the "knife drawer" (which rivals the "holster box") in search of the Goldilocks blade over the years. I've got a few from Benchmade, including this Mini Grip from Benchmade's custom shop, with S30V blade, G10 grips, and mini deep carry clip.

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    The custom shop ( ) isn't cheap, but they've added a lot of options, including the Bugout, which I've been eyeing for no good reason.

    A couple other Benchmades on hand: Azeria (in house version of what they used to produce as the HK Plan D), Rescue hook, and older full size Griptillian.

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    Iím intrigued by the mini adamas. Especially with the upgraded steel. Here my only benchmade. Its the j frame of knives. Name:  6AF9C7DE-3625-4836-9BC0-E2AFFE8924D0.jpg
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    Blues - I have a new in box serrated AFCK in D2 sitting in one of the gun safes. We should talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Blues - I have a new in box serrated AFCK in D2 sitting in one of the gun safes. We should talk.
    No need, friend. The two M2 versions are more than enough for me. I like D2 as well, but I'm not a fan of the partially serrated blades as a rule.
    Appreciate it though.
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    I guess I have been a fan of Benchmade since some time in the 80s when my dad bought a Bali-song. Someone told him it was illegal to own so it disappeared.

    In 1999 I bought a Stryker and then a Griptilian when they came out. I've had several of them since including this one that my son bought me for my birthday a few years ago
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    and an Emissary
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    -Seconds Count. Misses Don't-

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    I think this full size Barrage might be my favorite folder of all time.

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    Adding some fixed blades - old school Nimvarus and Cub

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    A mini Stryker was the first high quality folder I bought for myself in the late 90ís with $60 worth of birthday money.
    The ats34 steel was pretty fancy for that time and I used the hell out of that knife for a decade before I put it into retirement. I later boucght and subsequently lost a full sized Stryker when the pocket clip snagged on something at work. That was the same fate of a iirc a model 710 with the axis lock. I stopped carrying clipped on folders after that and went to small fixed blades iwb.

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