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Thread: Duty Grade / High Value Red Dot for AR-15

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    Duty Grade / High Value Red Dot for AR-15

    Setting up a new rifle but have been out of the need to get a red dot for awhile and not versed on the new hotness. What is the PF group think on red dots for rifles? Been looking at Holosun HS503R, HS503CU, Vortex options, Aimpoint Pro, etc. Originally planning to spend $300ish but am flexible if the answer is "Aimpoint Pro and don't look back". If the answer is Holosun - what is the preference in switchology (dial (503R) or buttons (503CU)). I've always liked the dial on my Aimpoint T1 but I don't know what I don't know. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not the SME, but the last time this question came up, I think the answer was Aimpoint PRO.

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    I have been using an Aimpoint ACO, since I prefer the cheapest product from the best company. It is not often recommended because the PRO comes with more features for not much more $, but those features are not important for my use. It works well for me.

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    For a duty grade red dot my search would begin and end with Aimpoint. If I needed to stretch my dollars a little further I'd look for a used one.

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    The SIG Romeo4T might be worth looking at. The Trijicon MRO is also fairly well liked although I wish that particular optic had a few more brightness settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Breeze View Post
    If the answer is Holosun - what is the preference in switchology (dial (503R) or buttons (503CU)). I've always liked the dial on my Aimpoint T1.....
    My 503R has been at holosun since october. it failed under 200 rounds of 5.56. they quickly said it was a warranty item but they had no stock to replace it. I asked every few weeks if there was any stock and the answer was always, "sorry, no". My guess is that they are in some lawsuits about copying other brands' products, and the dial is a no-go. Last week, I asked to apply my refund towards a 507c x2. and in fact it just arrived a couple of days ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokarev View Post
    ...The Trijicon MRO is also fairly well liked although I wish that particular optic had a few more brightness settings.
    The MRO is my 1x carbine optic of choice. The green dot option makes it even more attractive.
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    Aimpoint Pro is the turn key solution at under 450 in hand all day long. You get great battery life, a very stout OEM mount and an unparalleled record of hard use reliability. I run one and have seen dozens in the field/at the range/in class etc.

    It has been purchased as the second optic (and the first as well) by dozens of KCMO Metro area officers when putting together their personally owned carbines.
    Many do not listen to the range staff re the Aimpoint Pro and buy a cheaper optic, usually made in China, and come to regret it when it will not fire up and/or hold zero after bumping around in a rack/case for weeks or months at a time.

    The Trijicon MRO would be worth a look as well. My indirect sample of one was owned by a very switched on guy.

    Larue often will sell an optic (to include Aimpoint/Trijicon) and one of their mounts for not much more, if at all, than the optic and an OEM mount sold by others. The Larue mount is often lighter and less bulky than OEM while giving up nothing in strength/repeatability etc.

    Bottom Line- if this is not for duty/defensive use, buy whatever you want. Vortex is probably the intersection of quality and value. When they break, they are excellent about sending out a replacement. If this is FOR duty/defensive use, you are going to feel like a warm bucket of sloppy dog poop if you do not have a holding zero red dot when you want one because you bought "just as good as an Aimpoint but it is 150.00 less..."

    YMMV Greatly. Let us know what you do and why. Be safe and well.
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    Aimpoint Pro is still the go-to value option. This would be my choice for an “always on” option. If this is a duty rifle. I agree that this discussion begins and ends with aimpoint. However, if you’re like me and enjoy new gear tasting...

    I would look heavily at the Vortex UH-1. I prefer the reticle over my aimpoints (astigmatism issues), and the price over eotech. It hasn’t failed yet, but it does require more battery swaps, so I keep fixed buis on it. I can turn it on at night and off in the morning when it goes back to the safe. While out and on it can be plugged in to charge. Eventually my plan is to get the rifle mounted in a quick access wallmount near an electrical outlet so it (and the biometric lock) can be easily charged. This may not be the solution you’re looking for, but I enjoy some types of new technology.

    Be aware that if you aren’t interested in the reticle, the aimpoint is always on and just swap the battery once a year. It’s a better solution than recharging a holosight if you’re fine with just a dot.

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    Aimpoint PRO. I have used Aimpoint T1 and a Trijicon MRO for the last few years. I have gone back to the PRO. I can run any decent red dot I wish (we are issued Vortex ) I have found that I like the PRO better than the MRO, and almost half the price of a T2. If you decide to get a PRO, look at the SKD Tactical QRP spacer. You can get multiple heights, and the best part is you can turn the mount knob around to the ejection port side (can't do this with the factory spacer). I use 1.73" so I can still see irons on my duty gun, but use the 1.93" on my competition .308 AR.

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