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Thread: Latest greatest PC Cummerbund options

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    Latest greatest PC Cummerbund options

    Ive got a slick LBT carrier which is great, however I find the elastic band that serves as the cummerbund a little lacking. Id prefer something that utilizes the first spear tubes system (or something similarly good) and it would be nice to have some molle as well.

    It seemed like there are a lot of new options out there so Im looking for first hand recommendations. Appreciate it!

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    Are you asking about a retrofit kit that would add a cummerbund to your current PC, or a new PC that has a cummerbund/side plate pockets?

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    Sorry a retrofit cummerbund.

    The First Spear kit is an option, but pretty spendy. Was hoping to hear about some options I hadnt considered.

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    check out Arbor Arms:

    Retrofit kits with Tubes or Cobra buckle options.

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    Beez Combat systems cumbers with tubes are excellent.

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    Thank you, all

    Quote Originally Posted by ViniVidivici View Post
    Beez Combat systems cumbers with tubes are excellent.
    Yeah I've heard the same, but it looks like they have a zillion options. Trying to narrow down what's what. Is there a significant benefit to the skeletonized 'bunds? I'm more concerned about load distribution and durability than weight.

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    They're less stiff, but you stay alot cooler.
    Skeletonized can handle plenty weight though.

    I think if you're always gonna run side plates and other stuff, go with full.

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    A few options with tubes I've come across:

    Arbor Arms cummerbun Can get a bit pricey, depending on options. Has a LOT of options though, and looks like it will work for many types of PC's. I have a 2 strand with tubes on my Spiritus PC.

    MOS Tactical:
    2 strand cummerbund
    3 strand cummerbund
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    I have two beez cummerbunds with tubes, one for my Ferro FCPC, and one for my Spiritus LV119. Get the ones with elastic, if your rear bag attaches with velcro. The wait times are at least a month, but at least you can order them. The boutique makers like Ferro and Spiritus might keep you waiting a long time for a unit.

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    Good stuff. Beez recommended for my carrier, I may give it a whirl. Thanks, all.

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