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Thread: Week 406: Rangemaster Baseline Skills Assessment Drill

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    Pistol, holster, and concealment used
    Total points out of the possible 200

    Springer RO9T, SME, flannel shirt

    I had a light strike in the first string and restarted.

    173-3x with 10 subtracted for overtime on string two. Could not get SHO together today.
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    Nomad 9/glock 19 gen 5 upper with holosun 507c. From an enigma with a haven defense holster. Under a button down shirt.

    String 1 - 3.85/50

    String 2- 3.02/30 (clean but .02 OT)

    String 3 - 2.03/20

    String 4- 7.22/60

    String 5 - 3.36/40


    I am usually on my winter shooting break/dry practice only routine during January and that was the case when we ran this last. Since I missed it then I decided to use it as my cold drill today. Very nice and easy to run assessment. Missed a perfect score by a smallest of margin...drat. I think i'm going to run my shooting partner through it the next time we go out as it will give him something to work toward. For me, it was a nice test for the brand new gun that I have never fired prior. Adding it to my range drills folder.

    string 1

    string 2

    string 3

    string 4

    string 5
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    Damn ya'll shoot good! I am making some improvements. Shot a 181 today at my local indoor, self timed, unfortunately (best I can do).

    I was testing my 2023 order of carry ammo (Federal 124 HST standard pressure; no issues) with my P365X in the XL slide configuration today. Sights were the stock XRAY Sigs that came on the slide. Got 20 on paper, and I was happy with that, as normally my one handed shooting could stand some a lot of improving.

    The HST was fairly zippy for a standard pressure; I'll have to go look at what the velocity is but it was not exactly Winchester White Box, that's for sure. I shot it with some left over Speer Gold Dot 115 as well as some current range/practice ammo, Blazer Brass 124. Very happy with point of aim = point of impact with this ammo.
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    Why not.

    G19 hybrid w/ Swampfox Justice, JMCK Wing Claw 2.0


    Need to work more on SHO & WHO with the dot.

    This one's goin' in The Book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    Damn ya'll shoot good! I am making some improvements. Shot a 181 today at my local indoor, self timed, unfortunately (best I can do).
    Did better yesterday, a 190-5X.

    This was the first range session with the "P365 X-Macro Tacops" (gun was Lego'd together, it is not an actual Tacops). I had just dropped the FCU into the X-Macro grip and put the XL slide on. Magazines were my regular 20 rounders I plan to use for USPSA. Ammo was once-chambered Speer Gold Dot 124+p JHP carry ammo I had set aside.

    I am still getting back used to the doughnut o' death 32 MOA circle (working on my index, been a minute since I shot dots) but I like it. Sight picture was both eyes open, target focused, not so much on the dot. See target, glimpse dot in sight picture, work trigger. For the one handed shots I really had to slow down, but Tom's drill is on the timer so you have to move along. My scores "don't count" really since I do not shoot them with my timer, being at the square range it's a problem picking up my shots vs. next stall, and I always imagine no one is thrilled with me going BEEEEP every 30 seconds or so. And I can't shoot from the holster there in any event.

    Anyway, despite all those limitations, this exercise gives me a sense of what I need to work on, and I'm happy how this ended up.

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