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Thread: Did some shooting with the .357/9MM Blackhawk

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    I was an early and enthusiastic convert to stainless handguns, but on the whole, blued Blackhawks did not seem to get as loose/sloppy on me over time as equivalent stainless Blackhawks. This is apples to apples, as it is the same shooter, same (more or less) ammo, same amount of use and same maintenance regimen.

    Is this just an individual curse someone has put on me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigghoss View Post
    That's your own fault.

    The Ruger Blackhawk is one of those guns that exists in a very nice convergence of price, quality, fun factor, practicality, and fantasy that makes it a must-have. They also hold value well so if you decide it doesn't suit you you can get your money back out of it.

    If I weren't trying to stock up on mags and things right now I'd probably be on Gunbroker looking for a deal on a second. And probably a third to keep up at my dad's place so I can fly out to visit without having to check guns.
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    I have notably more 9mm than .38 Special or .357 Mag available, for both training and carry, so a pre-owned RBH, with both cylinders, on the website of a local gun store, really captured my attention, this past week. I resisted the temptation to drove right over, to check it over, as I really should wait a few months before spending money on guns, again. It sold, after a few days, removing the temptation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    This idea of arguing back and forth *between* .357/.38/9mm and .44mag/special/.45colt/acp is the wrong attitude, when it comes to Ruger SA revolvers.

    Just saying.

    Being an enabler: You can use the same holster for both....

    So that would save you money.. kind of
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost River View Post
    Being an enabler: You can use the same holster for both....

    So that would save you money.. kind of
    Well, since @Stephanie actually *gave me* a freaking holster and gun belt a few months back to encourage and enable my future purchase of a Blackhawk, you are in good company reminding me that they use the same ones.

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