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Thread: Real Avid tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Agreed. I will offer an example. My son is an executive chef. He did not buy a knife set, but assembled a specific set of blades from different makers to do specific things. They are kept in a very high-quality case and sharpened by hand. He's got well over two grand worth of knives in there. And his reasoning is almost word for word what Wayne said.

    I really like the Geissele tools, along with Starrett. I have a nifty little doodad from KNS that makes trigger and hammer installation a breeze, but don't see it on their website. I'm not a fan of their pins, but love this tool.

    Do not cheap out on the punches or roll pin starters. Get a really good set, like Ash556 said.

    I will go through my big rolling tool case this weekend and take some pics. Will and I talked a bunch about this. He also gave me the part numbers for McMaster-Carr for all the little pins, and you can do a bulk order. I will try and dig that out and post it this week. I also have some stuff saved in my Brownells wish list that I'll post.

    I just got finished assembling a 6.5 Creedmoor AR for an antelope hunt next year. I cannot wait to get it to the range.
    If you come across that list, I'd surely be interested!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Their multi tool looks interesting, iffy reviews though.
    I keep one of their multitools in my work/range bag for when students inevitably do something dumb to a .gov gun. My experience with the multitool is that it's just fine for what it is, but I wouldn't buy one of their full sized tool-kits either.
    I shot the PX4 before it was cool.

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