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Thread: Quality sight installation tool

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    Quality sight installation tool

    Looking for a quality general purpose sight tool, preferably made in the US, that can handle most modern pistols and 1911's.

    A couple I'm looking at, wondered if anyone has tried them. Or another you'd recommend.

    * MGW Sight Pro (handles most modern semiautos, but larger and costs more), or the MGW Compact (smaller, less expensive, and handles a subset of what the pro handles, it can't do 1911's or long-slide pistols)
    - These both get good feedback from multiple reviews. I've used an MGW sight pusher specialized to M&P, a high quality tool that did one job and did it well. Same feedback from friends using the Glock-specific version.

    * Lyman Accusight. This is a new one that looks interesting, Lyman says they're making it in the US but hasn't been around that long, and not many reviews. One review says it'll handle up to 1911 slide lengths.

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    Some recent discussion on the MGW Pro here:

    I have one of the $50 import tools, it works fine for my limited use (occasional Glock rear sight change). Iíve had an MGW, and while very nice, unless I was doing daily sight changes, at a shop or what not, it is a bit spendy.
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    I have the MGW Sight Pro and love it. I have 6 or so of the "shoes" for various slides and love that I can do sights on another slide for a small investment. Tool works great and feels very heavy duty.

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    I have been very pleased with the MGW Sight Pro.

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    [emoji115] what he said. This is the way.

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    Universal for all dovetail cuts and costs less than $25...

    Seriously though when/why did these lose favor?

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