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Thread: Schooling Requested: 28 Gauge O/U

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    Went back out to public land to continue testing and break-in and did some modified choke patterning on paper stapled to a dead trunk. The 7/8oz loads of plated #6 are good out to 35 yards, which is as far as I personally care to sling #6, anyway. On the local hare, that's about the limit of them breaking bone to get through a leg into the chest or passing at least through the inner chest cavity. Recoil was not noticeably greater than the 3/4 ounce loads but I'm a dude of six foot stature. The top barrel seemed pretty well on at the 45 yard line as a bonus.

    Definitely leaving it choked mod. over cyl. when I gift it to the youngest.

    The stiff action is starting to ease up, particularly the latch lever. Barrel selector still working. Safety functional. Top barrel Favorite FFL has a decent stock of mid-grade 28 gauge I'll start buying a box of here and there as spare cash crops up.

    Glad the little thing seems agreeable, so far.

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    Bob Ross smiles upon me with the blessing of a Happy Little Accident.

    For cheap amusement, cut the crimp off a 7 1/2 shot high velocity Fiocchi shell to make a wax slug. Noticed the shot cup was rather short so a good chunk of shell volume was filled with naked pellets. Little buggers are unlabeled spreader loads. Naked pellets up front to evenly spread the pattern with about 1/2 to 2/3 of the payload in a shot cup for more metered spread to keep the center dense. Neat.

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