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Thread: Strange Discovery,.. Both eye aiming as a Cross Eye Dominant shooter!

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    Strange Discovery,.. Both eye aiming as a Cross Eye Dominant shooter!

    This might be a TL;DR post so Please Bear with me for a bit as I try to describe & lay out the details of what I'm experiencing,...

    I am still very new to pistol shooting, and I have learned since starting a few months ago that I am what is called a "Cross Eye Dominant" shooter. I shoot R handed as I'm STRONGLY R handed. Can't even scratch my ass with my L hand. . But I'm L eye dominant. I already knew this from my photography,.. Its always been the eye I use to focus with. Subsequent testing methods I've read about on this forum, or thru Google & YouTube confirms it. (...I've learned This may also be why I seem to be getting a lot of BTF issues. LOL)

    I am also EXTREMELY reliant on closing my R eye in order to shoot. I see double EVERYTHING whenever I try to aim with both eyes open. I get Double sites, double targets, eyes crossing in & out of focus etc! This may or may not be made even worse by being cross eye dominant, but I haven’t enough experience to know for sure. Anyway, Once again,.. I have found a couple tricks thru researching this aiming technique that have helped a little. But ONLY just a little. I am still unable to reliably, confidently, with reasonable CERTAINTY trust where I'm aiming that pistol without the risk of shooting wild with both eyes open. So, For safety reasons, I wouldn't even consider trying training/ shooting like this with live ammo. Not until I could be reasonably certain where that round would be going. (It would be embarrassing as HELL to shoot the guys target next to me @ the range!) LoL!!

    Now that you know the details leading up to this,.. on to my “Strange” discovery,..

    While goofing around with dry fire, draw, press & aim exercises in my room,…. I noticed that when I had both eyes open, if upon drawing and pressing out, if I just put the weapon out in front of my face looking mostly at the front of the barrel and just “generally” pointing it at my target,..? I found that a majority,.. Like 6-7-8 times out of 10 after I settle on target. If I closed or squinted my R eye,..? I would have the sites lined up directly on target! :O I found this truly astonishing since every time I deliberately trie to Aim with both eyes open, I couldn’t be sure where the sites would settle or which of the doubled up targets I’d be pointed at.

    Even on those times when the sites weren’t perfectly aligned? When I squinted or closed my R eye, I would see that I was damned close! Usually only needed a very slight site adjustment to line up perfectly. I also noticed that after several successful attempts at lining up my sights in this fashion,.. It seemed like it became easier, more natural and reliable for me to distinguish which of those doubled sight pictures I needed to focus on/use when pressing out with both eyes open!

    Is this unusual,.. Or did I stumble onto something that errbody else here already knows? LoL!

    This would seem to be something I might want to play around with and fine tune with practice,.. But I dunno if I’m only kidding myself and will just wind up training in “Bad or Un-safe Habits.” Any thoughts?

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    Having never experienced cross eye dominance or no eye dominance I can't comment on how safe your method might be. My wife has no eye dominance and always sees two targets with both eyes open when aiming. I tried to teach her to shoot but she didn't want to deal with it so I gave up.

    Trap shooters just patched one eye on their shooting glasses but that isn't a solution for using a pistol for SD.

    I'm not sure how the military and LE trainers deal with it but I'm sure there is plenty of experience here.
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    This is a really good read on the subject. I haven't been able to train my vision to disconnect convergence and accommodation. When shooting with both eyes open and a hard focus on the front sight I see two blurry targets and a clear front sight that I place on the right target (I am right eye dominant). If you're left eye dominant it would be the target in the left.

    How I've approached training to shoot with both eyes open is to start with shutting or covering the non-dominant eye. This removes the distraction of the second target and allows one to focus on the front sight. Once you're comfortable with executing the fundamentals, just start by squinting the non-dominant eye and adding it to the mix. You'll train your brain to "ignore" the other image relatively quickly. This has worked for me, and my students. But I'm also nothing special and I'm open to a better methodology.
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    RH and left eye dominate here too. I haven't bothered to do anything to change it. I just close my right eye. Yep, I am losing some right side peripheral vision. Whatever. I am sure that I am seeing a strong SINGLE set of sights and a SINGLE target. I figure there is about a 1% chance I will ever actually be in a gunfight. At best there is a 50% chance that I'd need better right peripheral vision so overall there is a 1/2% chance closing my right eye will actually cause a me problem.

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