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Thread: RFI- Hipower RMR Milling

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    RFI- Hipower RMR Milling

    After ignoring the whole RDS thing for handguns, I figure that if the government wants to give me some money, I may as well put one on my Browning HiPower.

    First, this may be a loaded question with lots of YMMV, but I'll probably go with the Trijicon RM06 type 2. I know Holoson yadda yadda, but I've had good dealings with Trijicon via other stuff, and want to give them the business.

    Second, do we know anyone who has done direct milling on a Hipower? Bonus if they can also do NP3 as that's what is currently on the slide.
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    Due to the width of the HP slide you may want to consider the RMRcc. As I recall the HP and 1911 slides need an adapter plate. The RMRcc may not.

    Hereís a HP clone thatís been done.

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    My guess is that you'll either need a micro optic (507k, RMRcc, etc.) or plate as the user above states. My guess is that a 1911 mounting system could be adapted to use a "normal" RMR, but you're squarely into gunsmith territory there versus "just" a shop that CNCs slides. The BHP does not leave a lot of "extra" anywhere and with them being out of production, I don't know that I would want to chance it, myself.

    Please post photos of you go through with it.

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    Chuck Warner has done a few I believe.

    From what I recall is using the Trijicon 1911 plate.

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    As stated by others, the thinness of a 1911/cz75/hipower(im pretty certain) slide means you need an adapter plate for the rmr screws to have enough meat to sink into. The milling plus adapter plate will be more expensive than direct milling. As an alternative, you may wish to consider the new RMRcc which I think will be able to direct mill onto the slide.

    Maybe contact Mark Housel at L&M precision for the work? He does a lot of oddball guns and is said to be top tier in craftsmanship.

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