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Thread: Leupold Delta Point Micro (DPM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    Before braces, the thrashing was valid.

    I can see the market for this being 1) dot curious individuals and if viable, 2) cheap PD's that don't want to spring for new guns, people who want a dot but cant cut up an issued / mandated gun.

    It will work in most non RDS concealment holsters but a true retention holster like a 6360 ALS/SLS would be a no go.
    All of that. Hunting is a more likely application of an RDS for me than concealed carry.
    As a man sows, so shall he reap.

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.
    Also not SCD / Gadget compatible....
    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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    It should be safe from the Glock ejection pattern.

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    5 bucks says @GJM breaks at least 5 of them in 2021.
    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    I love a sub second aiwb A zone hit so much that my hands twitch when the microwave goes off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    5 bucks says @GJM breaks at least 5 of them in 2021.
    I will take the other side of that bet.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    I will need a bottom part of my progressive glasses to see where to look for the dot.
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    It looks like it would be only slightly more forgiving than the Mepro bullseye on the 365 SAS. I like new shit but I think I'll keep my RMRs and 507s.

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    Yeah thats going to be a no from me ,dawg.
    Welcome to Africa, bring a hardhat.

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    As a recent Delta Point owner. This pisses me off. You could have improved upon the pro. Instead this shitbox.

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    Never have I heard a pistol RDO shooter say "I wish my window was smaller..."

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