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Thread: [Reloading thread] anyone shoot moly-coated lead bullets? Plated bullets?

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    [Reloading thread] anyone shoot moly-coated lead bullets? Plated bullets?

    I have been reloading nearly 2 years, and I have only used jacketed bullets, from Montana Gold.

    like everyone else, I am trying to cut costs even further. I have been reading alot about the other types of projectiles besides jacketed.

    then this group buy popped up, and I have all but decided to go all in.

    obviously, jacketed bullets are the highest quality vs. plated and moly-coated lead. jacketed bullets are generally more accurate, and more consistently manufactured.

    I probably won't ever abandon jacketed completely. for example, I'll probably continue to use jacketed rounds for match use.

    my thinking is, if I am going to the range to do a bunch of bill drills, the superior accuracy of jacketed bullets will not be noticed, but the cost savings will be.

    anyone shoot moly-coated lead through a stock glock barrel? the internet consensus seems to be (depending on your specific load) it....might work.

    Berry's plated bullets are gtg through a glock, right?
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    I only use Berry's, as the cost savings @ 600 rpm is worth it.

    I have also shot the 115 9mm through both my G34's without issue.
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    I shoot . I have a case of Montanna Gold 124g FMJ sitting on my shelf and I continue to shoot 147g precision's pushed by 3.8g of WSF to a 920FPS and sub 2" 25 yard groups (XDM 5.25)-so I see no reason to switch. I try to shoot close to 1k a month and want to shoot more so every penny counts. I bought a 8lb jug and 10k primers and buying bulk cut the cost as well. Down to close to 100$ per thousand. I've shot MG's here and there and really the only difference I see is the price so unless its a bbl that can't handle it; it's molly lead for me.

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    The only time I am not shooting moly coated Precision Bullets (linik above), is when I'm shooting 185g XTPs. Which is only when I get a burr under my saddle and try shooting Bullseye again. And that's mostly for confidence help, because there isn't much accuracy advantage.

    Precision's 200g LSWC-Moly bullets are universally the most accurate in my 45s. I shoot them over 5g of Bullseye.

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    Moly here also , Black Bullets and Precision manufactured. I use a Lone Wolf barrel in the Glock with them , not saying they won't work in a Glock barrel but I have not shot enough of them in the factory barrel to say one way or the other.

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    Bayou bullets for me. Once I started using them, they are all I use. I have used Barry's plated with good results in the past.
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