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Thread: TQ carry options

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post

    Side note: I need a covert tourniquet holder. Ideas welcome.
    If you don't mind me shamelessly plugging my blog, I reviewed (and still use daily) the Fieldcraft Survival TQ holder. The blog article goes through some other stuff as well along with how/why I changed the clip on the TQ holder.


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    Besides ankle carry, if that's not an option or you want to carry an additional one I recommend this:

    Currently given the prevalence of IEDs in my current environment, I carry two on my person; one TQ in an ankle IFAK and one on my belt. I use these elastic straps to wear a flat TQ on my belt to the left or right of the belt buckle, sans the PALS adapter. It's much lower profile, more comfortable and cheaper compared to the phlster flatpack which IMO is an unnecessary design. A field-expedient version of this that I've consistently used as well, is simple rubber bands....but those will obviously break rapidly with normal daily use.

    Also very popular in my agency are the Blue Force Gear TQ NOW! strap. Dramatic name, but it's a simple product that works very well.

    Both of these options are also cheap.

    If you're looking at a covert TQ but in uniform due to some department regulation declaring a limit on carrying one visible TQ, there are also ones that attach to the body armor under your vest.

    Look here for some options:

    Quote Originally Posted by BobM View Post
    In the summer, I roll up my Ryker and carry it in the cargo pocket of my shorts.
    I'll do the same thing with my ankle IFAK from Rescue Essentials, but not with cargo shorts....I put it in my leather satchel that I fly with and use for business attire....takes up one half, and is flat enough to layer a Blue Force Gear "Dapper" organization pouch on top, leaving me the other half of the satchel for other things whether it's an escape hood, BOSE headset, two water bottles, etc. It's a very easy way to always have some sort of minimal IFAK with me when travelling light. Ankle IFAKs from any make are something I strongly suggest everyone try out due to their versatility as you mentioned.
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    For IWB carry of a tourniquet, I suggest the Snake Eater Tactical IWB mag pouch. It’s made of stretchy nylon and has a clever and very low profile belt attachment. I use one for a spare mag, but I’ve no doubt a TQ would fit.

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    SWAT-T or RATS in a cargo pocket for me. I do not like anything extra on my belt, either IWB or OWB.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    I've thrown a SWAT-T in my back pocket. I know it is not the best but is easy to carry. Having taken Caleb Causey's class at KRtraining, I have better in the box of end of the world stuff in the back of the Forester.
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    Back pocket for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanM View Post
    This one:

    I believe it’s designed by a forum member.
    @Pennzoil I met him at The Tactical Medic and he gave me one.
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    Phlster Flatpack

    I just use a phlster flatpack. I have it set up with an Ulticlip. 90% of the time, it stays clipped to an RCS Pocket shield in my support side front pocket, but I also have the option of detaching it and clipping it to my waistband if i don shorts. I keep a SOFTT-W and a pair of chest seals folded up in it.

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    Of course I keep multiple in my vehicles, but I've carried an SOFTT-W along with a gauze roll in my right hip pocket for a few years now. I formed a small open top bag using the Food Saver vac seal material that holds up very well and still allows easy access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    I've used the Ryker AFAK for a few years...but I rarely wear shorts.
    I used an ankle rig for awhile but I wear boots more often then anything else these days, which makes anything on the ankles problematic.

    I'm looking more for off duty. On duty I wear cargo pants and it's nothing to carry a little kit + TQ on one side. I really don't want to cram one in a pants pocket.
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    Forgive the question but, why the need for concealment? Apologies if this is a blatenly stupid question.

    A bit out there but have you considered putting it in a multitool holster?

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