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Thread: Looking for a SilencerCo ASR 9mm mount

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    Looking for a SilencerCo ASR 9mm mount

    I just got my my 36M out of NFA jail and it is set up for the ASR mounting system. I was able to track down a .30 cal ASR muzzle brake, but I can't find a 9mm one (either the single port brake or a flash hider) anywhere in stock. OpticsPlanet said they had them in stock, but when I ordered it it said it will be delivered in mid-February. I want to set my PCC up NOW! darnit and I don't want to wait. Any leads would be appreciated.

    I test fired some 115 Remington supers through my 16 inch DD upper and I like it. I knew there would be a supersonic crack, but it is a lot louder than my .22 LR can. When I shot it in the yard I expected HH6 to get on my case for it being loud, but she said that she could not hear it, so I was happy with that. I need to get it sighted in, there are some coyotes that need to get popped.

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    SilencerCo has a sale on them now for 30% off. They appear to be in stock.

    ASR FLASH HIDER - SilencerCo

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    Thanks! It looks like the 9mm 1/2x28 is out of stock. I did get my mount for my 300 BO there.

    I have googled and checked out a bunch of websites, but none of the sites I have heard of have any in stock. If there are sites that people have done business with in the past that have them in stock I would appreciate it.
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    I got a flash hider from Capitol Armor several days ago, but they are now showing out of stock on all three options. Bummer.

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    I was looking for a 9mm 13.5x1 LH for my MPX forever but no one ever had them. Capitol Armory put me on the alert list and I got an email late on a Friday or Saturday night that they had them in stock so I immediately jumped on it. I've bought a bunch of stuff from them-they're good people.

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    Is it within any realm of reason to consider boring out the .30 cal ASR mount to .358"+?
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