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Thread: Federal 00 “frangible” buckshot

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    Federal 00 “frangible” buckshot

    I couldn’t decide whether to ask in Shotguns or Ammunition so I probably chose poorly...

    The local Dunham’s has a shelf full of Federal 12ga 00 “Frangible” buckshot for $50 / box of 25 rounds. Is this stuff useful for anything other than training on steel?

    FWIW They also had 10 round boxes of Wolf 00 buckshot for $14, I thought we weren’t importing ammo from those naughty Russians anymore?

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    While this is specific to centerfire pistol/rifle ammo, I suspect DocGKR's commentary also applies to 12g.

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    If you want to buy it for training on steel at shorter distances, rock on & buy it.

    Having had to deal with a number of different brands of frangible ammo - over about seventeen years for work - I couldn't recommend it for any other role.

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