Hey guys, and thanks for the warm welcome I'm happy to be here and interact with the firearms community. The firearms community is one of the best communities on the planet and you can't change my mind, so don't try.

Little about myself and Lynx Defense. Lynx Defense started in 2013 to fill a massive void in the gun case market. Our biggest difference is we make everything in the US. Our sewing shop is located in Selma, NC and that is currently where all our products are made. We are growing so expansion is possible in the very near future but all of our products will always be Made in the USA.

I have a background in LE however, I'm more about being a citizen and gun enthusiast first and foremost. If LE can have it then so can anyone else is what my stance is and always has been.

Our Products

We make bags/cases for nearly all firearms except bolt guns. We hope to add bolt gun cases to the product line in mid-2021.

For now, you can check out what we offer if you feel so inclined.

If you have any questions or comments for me feel free to PM me or post them here!

P.S. - We are working up a discount code for pistol-forum.com members and we will post it over in the The Coterie Club when it's ready!