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Thread: Laser Boresighter

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    I purchased this laser boresighter in July:

    Cost was $18, shipped. I've used it on all my pistols to check for zero, and adjust the rear sight, or select front sights. What I don't like about it is that on this particular one, there is no lip on the "cartridge" to the extractor cannot grab it when you try and remove it. You kind of have to shake it out. Also, there's no switch, you just insert the three (provided) batteries and screw down the lid at the rear, and it turns on.

    It seems to be pretty repeatable, and the laser beam is centered, radially. It is useful for gross adjustments but I found that ammo selection made a bit of a larger difference at the range, in terms of POI, than assuming the laser boresighter was going to predict PoA=PoI. But for a tool to help me get "close", I'd say it was worth $18.

    I made mention to my wife that it might be an alternative to going to the range to burn ammo, given the cost these days. Goal would be to use it for Dry Practice. I may give that a whirl myself. I'd just have to remember to glance at the target when the shot broke so I could see where the dot was. I have mixed feelings however of training a lot that way; I don't shoot a dot and I'm not sure I should be really changing focus from the sights to the target and back but who knows.

    It is a handy little gizmo, though, that's for sure.
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    I’ve been using one of the o-ringed laser training cartridges to rough-in red dots with good success. Same principle, but a bit more accurate than the dedicated bore sight solutions that don’t have chamber tapers or o-rings.

    Of course these are better than a ‘constant on’ laser for dry fire practice as well, especially when used with a smartphone camera app to record the ‘impacts’.

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    So relatively inexpensive, I also ordered one. I've had significant POA-POI variations from initial red dot installs, ranging from near dead on to nearly a foot off at 25 yards. With today's ammo availability and prices, appears prudent move. Thanks @GJM.

    An aside: I always wondered if significant deviations could be attributed to "offages" in any milling, in the mount, in the gun, or just in the distance and/or load's trajectory differing from the optic's initial setting. For that matter, do mfgrs optically center the dot, or have some standard QC/QA setting?

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    The only RDS/mounting system I have found to be close to or dead on “factory zero” is the combination of RMR/SRO and HK VP9/9L Optic Ready with HK mounting plates on six separate pistols.

    Of the standard slide builds I have assembled, three were nearly dead-on at 25 yards for elevation, and two of those were dead-on for both elevation and windage, using 124 ball, right out of the boxes, all with RMR-06’s.

    The other three, which were long-slide models, with SRO’s, required only a few clicks to dial in. By way of comparison, all seven SIG pistols (X-Fives and X-carry’s) I have built with optics required multiple MOA of correction.

    147 at 25 requires minor adjustments to elevation with the VP’s.

    Typical difference (25 yards) shown here.
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    Correction to my post above- twelve total SIG pistols with optics, not seven. I forgot to include those I have assembled for other owners.

    Five of those were with CHPWS plates/RMR and the rest with the SIG direct-fit slide cuts and Romeo series sights. Again, none were close to zero- and all required re-zero after mounting/dismounting. The HK pistols have all held exact zero with the RMR’s after battery changes, but I do use a torque wrench.

    Also, another example of an out-of-the-box SRO at 25 yards offhand with the HK mounting system, before adjustment. This is about as good as I can manage standing on my hind legs- it’s tighter off a bag. That’s about a three-click correction.
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    Well, today I received the laser boresighter I ordered last night from Amazon. Shipped free via Prime. (And still I wait on a package mailed via USPS on 11/27.)

    Popped the batteries in, inserted boresighter into chamber of G19.5, and pointed it toward light switch on far wall. Red dot was right on target, but boresighter laser was low and left.

    So . . . the mystery of Glocks shooting low-left has been explained - - - the barrels are crooked!!!!

    (Truth be told, they were virtually touching, although wall was only about 12 feet away.)

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    Just ordered boresighters in a few different calibers. The availability and cost of ammo is unlikely to improve for a couple of years, so these are likely to pay for themselves.

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    Laser Boresighter

    Used the 9mm boresighter to verify proper sight alignment after replacing the sights on my G19 with sights having fresh tritium. I had centered everything on the slide so I already knew the sight placement was correct, but having the boresighter to double check until I can get to a range was helpful.

    The laser came on as soon as I dropped the batteries into the tube, before I attached the cap. Storing the laser and batteries separately will be a necessity. I also bad to push the laser out of the barrel when finished.

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    One of the other advantages of the laser training cartridges vs dedicated boresighters- you can leave the batteries in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Glock View Post
    I think I will get the 12 ga version as the 1301 can shake mounts loose.
    Come to think of it....that's the one that will likely get used the most
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