Several of us wanted to aggregate a list of recommended companies for red dot slide milling, so we created a Google Sheet for you.

The sheet is set to view-only permissions for security reasons. For PF members that need access to update and manage the sheet, PM me and I can add you as an editor to the sheet.

Company Recommendations
Have a company you'd like to recommend? PM me. All will be considered. Not all will necessarily be included. We want to maintain quality control so PF members have a reliable source to refer to.

Content Suggestions
If you have suggestions to improve the sheet, let's hear them! Please keep them brief, unique, and be conscious of others' recommendations before you so this thread doesn't become cluttered.

Feel free to PM me directly and I'll be glad to enhance the sheet however I can. What would help is ideas for types of info you think people care most about. For example:

  • Detailed list of a company's services
  • Models they cover (instead of just brands)
  • Other slide milling options offered

Error Reporting
If you see information that is inaccurate (especially if you are one of the companies on the list), please PM me the details and I will get it corrected immediately.

View the Sheet