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    Going forward, political discussions* will not be allowed outside of the new sub-forum specifically dedicated to politics. The new sub-forum is located here: This is the result of member feedback in the poll thread about the rule proposal, input from specific members, and the admin/mod staff. I'm pleased with the outcome and think it will make PF a better forum and more dedicated to the mission statement.

    Only site supporters will have access. The rationale is that political discussion is both outside the scope of the mission statement and a source of flame-outs for new members. If you want the 'extracurricular' of political discussion, you'll need some skin in the game.

    Threads that are currently outside of GD may remain there, but the rules of the political subforum will be in place there as well. Posts of a political nature in threads that weren't started as a political thread are subject to deletion without notice.

    This is a new policy and the admin/mods have been working to get a set of rules that seem fair, but we understand we might not have perfected it on the first go.

    *The sole exception to this is specific 2nd amendment politics. These threads must be narrow in scope, such as a specific legislation proposal, lawsuit filed, new law going into affect, etc. General "they are anti-gun" does not qualify for this exception. General complaining about a given candidate does not qualify. Specific and limited in scope.
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    Important rule change regarding political discussion here:

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    Academic now, but where is the poll thread with member feedback discussing this? My search-fu fails me...
    Hainít we got all the fools in town on our side? And ainít that a big enough majority in any town?

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    Academic now, but where is the poll thread with member feedback discussing this? My search-fu fails me...

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