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Thread: Sig Cross Rifle

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    Sig Cross Rifle

    I have to admit that I am kind of interested in this one. I have become wary of Sig product lately so I will sit back and see what happens. I am happy that we might have finally bridged the gap from standard tubed receivers to a more modular footprint. I will still be a lover of the Model 70, 700, and 77, but this rifle looks very intriguing. I am not too sure about the .277 Fury though...

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    I dig it. Might try one in a 6.5 Creed.

    Seems like a good design for a pack rifle.

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    Very cool! I’m interested but will wait for buyers to beta test it for a few years.
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    This is kind of what I am envisioning for the rifle. I hunt a very high altitude area for mule deer and would love a more portable rifle.

    I will wait a bit a well for others to be beta testers.

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    I see there Q guys are pretty fired up about Sig stealing their design from The Fix. Their normal shit talking marketing on social media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backtrail540 View Post
    I see there Q guys are pretty fired up about Sig stealing their design from The Fix. Their normal shit talking marketing on social media.
    It's fun to watch

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    In addition to the rifle, they are commercializing the 6.8mm ammunition developed for the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon program as the 277 SIG FURY round. SIG claims to be getting 3000 FPS velocity from a 16″ barrel when fired from the CROSS. This owes to the cartridge’s three-piece design case which features a brass case and steel head held with a clip.
    I'll wait and see how this turns out.
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    I like the concept although I don't know if I personally have a need for such a rifle. Hopefully it will spur some competition in the market. Maybe Ruger can make a light hunting version of the RPR?

    The .277 Fury sounds interesting. They're touting a 140gr bullet at 3,000+ FPS from a 16" barrel.

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    Wow, I thought Q was just being Q, but holy shit that is such a fucking ripoff.

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    Not sure I'd want a Sig bolt action myself...
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