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Thread: Revolver Newbie. Be Nice(ish).

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    Quote Originally Posted by P.E. Kelley View Post can not abrade me or leave me bleeding in normal uses.
    How well you use a tool will be affected by pain or irritation received in its use.
    I will drag a file, sanding material or a F-ing hatchet to an offending ballistic tool to mitigate this!
    I have done horrible things to (otherwise) very nice guns in service of this idea.

    Okie John
    “The reliability of the 30-06 on most of the world’s non-dangerous game is so well established as to be beyond intelligent dispute.” Finn Aagaard
    "Don't fuck with it" seems to prevent the vast majority of reported issues." BehindBlueI's

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetfire View Post
    In my 9mm Super GP100 I get like 75% ignition on the first strike on S&B primers, and then they crack on the second hit, so I only use those for practice.
    Ive often wondered what S&B primers are like.

    I bought several hundred rounds of their .38 wadcutters on sale. When reloading, I found found the primer pockets to be brutally tight running Winchester, Remington, or CCI SPPs.

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