2 Day (16 hour) Gunfighter Carbine w/ Ballistics Lab April 10-11, 2021 9am-5pm Boise, Idaho

Course Registration available at www.CombatAbsolute.com

Cost: $250

Location: Double Tapp Range, 14010 E. Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716

Course Description:

Positional shooting, emergency and tactical reloads, transitions to pistol (as a secondary weapon system), shooting on the move, fighting off the axis, barricades and multiple target engagements will all be covered. In addition, strong and support side carbine work will be performed during the course. A significant amount of barricade work will be completed, which is critically important with regard to surviving two-way engagements. Diagnostic feedback will be provided to each shooter.

Day 1 of the course will take place on the 100 yard range facility. On day 2, we will push our weapon systems further and engage targets out to 350 yards on a separate shooting bay. Barricade work at distance and positional work at distance will be covered. We will also cover shooter/spotter drills with regard to distance work.

The course will finish with an abbreviated ballistics lab. We will focus on intermediate barriers commonly encountered in lethal force situations, and examine how our 5.56/.223 rounds perform with intermediate barriers and ballistic gelatin. Feel free to bring out a few rounds of your preferred duty/defensive rifle ammo to test.

Train to fight with your rifle, with a heavy emphasis on subconscious/intuitive weapon operation and real-time problem solving.

***Students must have a satisfactory/intermediate level of safe weapon handling skills. This is not a beginner level course.***

Necessary equipment:
- Eye and ear protection
- Pistol chambered in 9mm or larger
- 125 rounds pistol ammunition
- Pistol holster (no cross draw or shoulder rigs)
- Gun belt, and magazine pouch
- 3 pistol magazines
- Carbine WITH sling (single or two point preferred)
- 3 carbine magazines minimum
- Carbine magazine pouch
- 650 rounds carbine ammunition (NO penetrator/green tip)
- Personal food and hydration needs for the day
- State/government issued identification
- Weather appropriate gear (we shoot rain or shine)
- Sunscreen/hat

Recommended equipment (not required):
-Knee and elbow pads
-Rifle tripod or shooting stick
-Note pad and pen
-Shooting mat
-Binoculars or spotting scope

***Round count approximately 650 for rifle (NO green tip) and 125 for pistol***