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Thread: Raven Concealment Systems Perun OWB Holster for Glock 19

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    With all due respect to the late Mr. Gomez, that doesn't make much sense. Any difference in length of time is negligible, given human reaction times (see John Boyd's "OODA loop"), ie the amount of time you will take realizing you need to defend your gun from a grab and actually do so, vs the hundredths of second difference between a leather holster, or kydex holster, won't make the difference.

    What you need is a holster where your gun only comes out with a strong, very deliberate, pull of the gun. If you want the holster itself to protect from a deliberate grab, leather v. kydex is not the answer, you will need real active retention devices. Meaning going beyond the typical "open top" concealment holster, whether kydex or leather.
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    I can't speak for Mr. Gomez, but my experience with kydex and leather holsters, is there is about an 1/8" - 1/4" of travel for retention with a kydex holster, after which point, the gun pretty much jumps out of the holster. Anything (an elbow, arm chair, seat belt, an opponent, etc.) moving the gun that short distance can cause the gun to come out of the holster.

    A leather holster in contrast, has a much longer distance of retention, perhaps over an inch of travel within the holster and even when the gun passes that distance it still has some friction holding the gun and the gun doesn't seem to jump out of the holster as it does with kydex.

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    Yes. Perun is gtg.

    Iíve had a few. They are inexpensive, ambidextrous, adjustable for cant, good retention, and high quality.
    I have one for a G21 with light. Retention is almost too good.

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