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Thread: Oregon governor encourages neighbors to snitch on each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    Thatís amazing. Not Gov brown, per se... sheís not surprising. Whatís amazing is how seemingly few people in Oregon have ever cracked a history book.
    They are too busy enjoying their newly legalized hard drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Reese View Post
    Meanwhile, in Colorado;

    Denver mayor apologises after flying for Thanksgiving against his own advice.

    Michael Hancock urged people on Twitter to Ďavoid travelí, then flew to Mississippi

    Nothing like politicians setting a good example for the public to follow.
    You can guess his political party.

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    I gotta admit, the title of ďfirst partnerĒ is something ridiculous that I hadnít anticipated and Iím pretty salty and cynical these days.

    Again, guess his political affiliation.

    A day after California Gov. Gavin Newsom apologized for attending a birthday party at Yountville's French Laundry that violated his state's COVID-19 guidelines, newly released photos are raising additional questions about the incident.

    On Tuesday night, Fox 11 LA obtained two photos of Newsom at the Nov. 6 birthday party for senior adviser Jason Kinney, and one photo appears to show that at least part of the gathering was actually held indoors.

    After the initial report from The Chronicle broke, Newsom's office "did not dispute" there were more than three households in attendance (the state's official guidance limits gatherings to no more than three) but defended the event by stating it was held outdoors, and that the governor and first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom "followed public health guidelines and the restaurantís health protocols." Napa County allowed indoor dining at the time, but Newsom's office specifically said the party took place outdoors.

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    It's nice to see the Democrats continuing the Leftist tradition of Nomenklatura/Kulaks, Inner Party/Outer Party, Pigs/Other Animals, where Some Are More Equal Than Others, and You Must Do What We Say, Not What We Do.

    And the Sheep will continue to baaa their approval and votes.
    "You win 100% of the fights you avoid. If you're not there when it happens, you don't lose." - William Aprill
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    Perhaps everyone in Oregon should report at least 2 neighbors who they have a hunch may have too many people over. That would shut the idiot governor up forever.

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    Maybe the native American tribes in the Pacific NW should call the cops and report hoardes of trespassers on their property. Today seems a good day to do so.
    ...and just like that, the America I knew and loved was gone.

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    It's getting harder and harder for me to take Oregon seriously as a state.

    And pretty much impossible for me to take people who are actually proud of being from Oregon seriously.
    Seriously guys, are we not doing 'phrasing' anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by awp_101 View Post
    Didnít they try that in NM and the list of snitches got ďleakedĒ?
    So the snitches got snitched on. Any word if the snitch-snitches were also snitched on?

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