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Thread: ATF Singles out 23 SB tactical Firearms Braces...

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    ATF Singles out 23 SB tactical Firearms Braces...


    It appears from the above posted article that another salvo has been fired in the ongoing brace saga...... I suppose it remains to be seen what the final result will be, but personally, I am planning on filing yet more SBR paperwork shortly.... While I am hoping for the best, if this,coupled with the previous ATF letters publicly posted by Q all prove to be true then I am not very sanguine about the long term prospects regarding many of the most popularly sold braces...
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    Looks like they pulled the article on this, as the link doesnít work?
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    Appears so..,.hafta wonder why?
    "If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism." - Thomas Sowell

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    The link worked for me. There is an update, maybe it was down while updating.

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    ATF Singles out 23 SB tactical Firearms Braces...

    Guns & Gadgets did a live stream early this morning... referencing the dead link (which has become live again while I posted this) and the letter. Watched part, got to the specifics of the letter/approved braces... and shut it off because I am getting tired of the sky is falling BS.

    This was from a FOIA request regarding the Honey Badger situation. The letter is from July of 2018. Sorry, but if 23 of SB Tacticalís braces were illegal for over the past 2 years... I think we would have heard something. I sure as hell wouldnít have two ordered from OpticsPlanet, being delivered today (got a 9mm pistol build to do).

    SB Tactical has discussed talking to ATF about requirements of braces over the years... again when the Honey Badger thing came up. They said the ATFís first view was if the brace was functionally similar to the approved one(s), they were good. Donít remember the specific details given, but here is the interview with SB Tactical from MAC.

    Also a link to the verbal diarrhea (Guns & Gadgets), since I rather people be able to see it for themselves. Not promoting the channel or the video at all.

    -I edited part of this since the link was made live again... especially considering SB Tactical made a statement in there. Still suggest to watch the MAC interview, since it was touched on in there.

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    Good lord, the amount of Chicken Little sky is falling nonsense going on over this letter is mind blowing. Not here, but elsewhere on the internets. It's just...people can't fucking read, can they? Everyone's shitting their pants over a 2 year old letter that doesn't even say that the braces are illegal, just that they might be.

    Then we find out that SB Tactical has been working with ATF this whole time and a bunch of the products listed on the two year old letter are in fact actually greenlit by the ATF as good to go, so this whole thing is basically a tempest in a teacup. If we should be upset at anyone, it's Ammoland and John Crump for shit-tier, lazy "journalism." Fuck.
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    It also has something to do with a criminal case in which someone put a SBA3 on one of those Tac14 or whatever shotguns and the DA asked for clarification about whether or not it makes it a SBS. In this case, they ruled that it did for this one particular firearm in this one particular instance.

    I've seen those short shotguns with the braces, and I figured they'd hammer someone's nuts over it eventually. On the ones I've seen, there is no way to use the brace as designed and intended to be used, the angle makes it next to impossible.

    Just like the contraption that allows you to put a KAK blade or SBA3 on a Glock, if the way it's installed doesn't allow it to be used as the brace was designed it's gonna land you in hot water if you trip the ATF's radar.

    The simplest solution is to the disband the ATF, erase all gun laws on the books, and let us boogie like the forefathers intended.

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