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Thread: Remember when Trump effectively canceled the PATRIOT Act?

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    Remember when Trump effectively canceled the PATRIOT Act?

    #OrangeManBad #LiterallyHitler

    The House of Representatives abandoned a plan to pass a reauthorization of the Patriot Act Thursday after President Donald Trump tweeted that he would veto the bill if it passes.

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    Lots of folks didn't like it - from the story:

    The bill drew backlash last week from progressives and civil liberties groups, who warned it would let the FBI conduct warrantless searches of Americans' web-browsing history.

    But Trump opposes the bill for another reason: He believes it gives the Justice Department too much power when investigating political candidates, like the FBI probe into his campaign's alleged ties to Russia.
    Good to see it go in any case. Both arguments make sense to me.

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    I told "W" back in the day that it was a bad idea...of course he didn't answer my letter (identifying myself and my position at the time).
    ...and just like that, the America I knew and loved had gone missing.

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    The Patriot Act was reauthorized, but some of the more egregious provisions weren't renewed (roving wiretaps, warrantless access to business records, & the ease/ability to surveil individuals unconnected to foreign entities). This was a step forward for civil liberties, but like most things Trump it had a lot to do with Trump's personal self interest (he believed these provisions were used against campaign staffer Carter Page).

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