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Thread: Cancel Culture Goes Conservative: Black Rifle Coffee Company

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    Quote Originally Posted by olstyn View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yung View Post
    Thank you for offering to ask. Here are reference pictures as follows. . .
    That kinda thing is definitely not in my wife's wheel house. She can do a custom mug along the lines of what olstyn posted above.

    Probably should check with Ernest about trademark issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    You don't wanna know. It's not that big a deal to me as long as it's not anemic. I hate thin, flavorless coffee. She likes strong coffee as well, so I drink what she likes, even if most aficionados and connoisseurs think it's burnt, and most of our ilk think they're the anti-Christ.

    If it were up to me I'd drink espresso, (no sugar, lemon peel or additives), or Turkish coffee most all the time.
    I remember the first time I had expresso. I had no idea what it was but I loved it. So i had several cups. This was 11:00 at night 😂 I think the sun was close to coming up before I finally fell asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    Chicory coffee is an acquired taste. So is good whiskey. Get over it. .
    Iím glad you saw that. I didnít remember to tag you until the edit window ran out.

    I will give you guys credit for finding a coffee substitute/lengthener that actually works pretty well. The dried okra seed, acorn coffee and cornmeal seem to have fallen by the wayside. My my complaint about chicory is that more chicory means less caffeine.

    The first couple of pages of this thread on coffee substitute recipes is worth a read. (The rest of the thread is the OP bumping her own thread and quite possibly going insane)
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    Man, I drink Dunkiní Donuts (packaged) from Publix or whatever is cheap at Aldi and hazelnut coffee creamer.

    I donít even know who I am. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

    Also, I respect BRCC for their patriotic behaviors and 2nd amendment leanings. Iím with TGS on they sponsored someone that had a podcast. They also sponsor Viking Tactics with Kyle Lamb and others. I mean... I just donít know what else to say.

    I am not a vet or a bro. I do listen to podcasts though.

    ETA: Probably a bro. I donít even know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David S. View Post

    Probably should check with Ernest about trademark issues.
    This is the ultimate hurdle. No decent artist will use a logo without permission, nor should they. That said, Iím sure EL will give a straight yes or no answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David S. View Post
    Probably should check with Ernest about trademark issues.
    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    This is the ultimate hurdle. No decent artist will use a logo without permission, nor should they. That said, Iím sure EL will give a straight yes or no answer.
    I got so excited that didn't even cross my mind.
    Well, I guess I'll email them tomorrow.

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    One of the best cups of coffee I've had is made from a concentrate formerly sold under the Sara Lee brand, but now distributed by Folgers. It is served at Huey's in Savannah, on the waterfront which is where I first had it. I am trying to figure out a practical way to buy and serve it at home but I have not committed.

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    I'm a straight up addict.. I don't give a shit what brand it is. I start my day with some rando' selection from my pile of Kurig pods, make myself a 16oz'er.. drink half of it while the truck warms up and pound the rest on my whopping 3 mile commute. Then I walk into work, pour myself another 16oz of Folgers, then another, then another.... Any coffee that gets left in my truck gets consumed while luke warm, cold, or even frozen then thawed. None of the BRCC stuff I've tried has struck me as being stale, but obviously I don't really know the difference since I've been known to reheat 3 day old coffee to get my fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatdog View Post
    Wrong, he and David Brooks have never actually been conservatives for 30 seconds of their entire lives which is why NYT, Atlantic, NPR love them so much.. They might be registered Republicans, but never ever conservatives.
    I have no idea what a "conservative" is anymore. Used to be free trade, smaller government footprint, national security including our allies. Most folks around me who self identify as conservative now are very enthusiastic about a big Federal footprint run by their guy and they are straight up opposed to the other two. Similarly RINO has lost all meaning IMO for the same reasons.
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