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Thread: Didn't Know Where To Post - .45 Shop Manual and Others

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    Didn't Know Where To Post - .45 Shop Manual and Others

    Just wanted to share this if you are interested -

    I just purchased THE .45 Shop Manual - The Colt .45 Automatic A Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen. Volumes I and II. Complete.M1911 Pistol Series. [2 REIMAGED Black and White Loose Leaf FACSIMILE Edition Books. 2020 Printing.] Loose Leaf January 1, 2020.

    I have Kuhnhausen's Thw U.S. 30 Caliber Gas Operated Service Rifle Shop Manual Volumes I & II which covers the M1 and M14. If you aren't familiar, this is a 11/8" x 61/4" x 91/4" soft cover book which tends to flop back closed.

    The manuals I reference above are on 24# (HEAVY) paper. UNBOUND BINDER-READY / LOOSE LEAF, BINDER-READY - 81/2" x 11" size. I have the .45 manuals in hand, placed in a lay-flat 3-ring binder and am quit pleased with the quality and the speed in shipping. I'd definitely recommend if you are in the market.

    Here is the link:

    These guys go by University Reprints with the motto Remaking History The Rejuvenation of Historically Significant Documents and have a store on Amazon. I'm not smart enough to actually search the store, so once I got to it I scrolled through 150 pages - which took me most of the Chiefs game. I found pilot manuals for everything from the P-38 to the F-18, armorer manuals for several H&K rifles and pistols, the Uzi, the Sturmgewehr 44, most LMG's, the AK-47 to name a few. Additionally, there were a lot of other subjects covered, mostly musical scores and instruction books for different instrument, and quite a group of physics related items, PLUS the manuals for the Higgins PT boats.

    If you are interested here's a link to the store:

    They also have a couple of sketchy titles The Hitler I Knew and Why Negroes Are Lynched which in the description on the cover was dedicated to the safety of white people, so don't be surprised. All in all, though, 99.9% unobjectionable subject matter.
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