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Thread: Lott hired at DOJ

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    Lott hired at DOJ

    The Justice Department has hired an economist known for provocative research claiming that communities can reduce crime by allowing widespread gun ownership and implementing policies making it easier to carry a gun in public.

    While gun violence has been the primary focus of Lott’s work, he has also dabbled in research related to election fraud. In September 2017, he delivered a presentation to Trump’s short-lived election-integrity commission, urging use of the national gun background check database to verify voter rolls. (huh? - Glenn)

    In recent days, Lott has insisted that the presidential election results were tainted by a huge wave of illegal ballots. “Massive vote fraud in Pennsylvania,” he declared on Facebook on Nov. 4.
    Don't know what to make of this. Will it stand after the administration switches hands? FYI, Lott has a mixed rep in the progun criminological world. That's the progun gun criminological world. Supports some out there stuff too.

    Just a last minute hire that won't stand? I don't know about job security in such positions. It is though a change from the negative attitude.

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    A Justice Department spokesperson confirmed Lott’s title Monday, but declined to answer further questions about his hiring. The spokesperson would not say whether Lott is serving as a political appointee or a career civil service position.
    Sounds like a last-minute appointment intended to move money out the door before it gets taken away.

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    Does the DOJ have a pool of unencumbered grant money, it can distribute quickly? As far as research grants, there aren't that many progun academics that could put a grant together so quickly and get reviewed - esp. with Covid hitting the academic reviewer class.

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