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Thread: The Accumulated Wisdom of the late Pat Rogers

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    Learning has occurred

    I did a Gunsite 556 class and an EAG LEO carbine class with Pat. I learned much and we became friends. Some of his words of wisdom: "See the fucker. Shoot the fucker." The man is missed. ELN

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    Quote Originally Posted by overton View Post
    He gave me great advice on how to deal with my first dogs (a Rotti) death.

    I really like this speech:
    Thx for posting that, haven't watched in a few yrs. but time to do so again this week.

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    I've thought about this subject off and on for quite awhile. Gomez was the first one that had me reeling when he passed away. Then there was Awerbuck, Mike Voigt, Ron Avery, Chuck Taylor. I think there are others in the past decade, but those were the ones that came to mind.

    Why don't we immortalize them in a website? We could start with Pat. I'd be glad to build it and foot any expenses. My research skills are strong, so I can do the grunt work of compiling the data as well. I'm fucking serious about this. I've been needing another project to pour my soul into for quite the next while.

    What would be the best way to start that conversation, and with who? Personally, I'd want to keep this ethical, respectful, and only with the blessing of those closest to him. It would probably be most appropriate if it's a group of people (from here and/or wherever) involved and making decisions on the implementation details so there's no concerns of fly-by-night shenanigans.
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    If Ellen approves I will send you my collection of SWAT back issues/articles.


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    I'm tight with John Friscia and there's also a guy on here in the background working on things. I expect he'll chime in soon on this project. PF will support anything and everything to preserve Uncle Pat's wisdom and jokes.

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    I treasure my memories of Pat. I only took two classes from him and a handful of emails exchanges but he had a profound effect on me. There needs to a book of his collected works; similar to Louis Awedbuck’s book.
    As for quotes- “launch a Democrat” is still funny to me and not one mention of a moosecock?
    Here is a link to some classic Pat- “death on a sunny afternoon”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poconnor View Post
    Here is a link to some classic Pat- “death on a sunny afternoon”
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    Here's a partial bibliography of some of his "core" carbine articles from SWAT mag. I recently purged my back issues of SWAT, but found myself tearing out many of his articles (non-gear review stuff) to save. I probably have most of these.

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    I read this thread with great interest. As some of you may know, Pat was a dear friend and mentor. Colonel Jeff Cooper once opined that anything worth remembering was worth writing down. Pat did that. I believe that Pat's accumulated writings/wisdom need to be maintained. I attempted to compile a list/bibliography of Pat's writings shortly after he passed away with limited success. Returning to that task has always been on my mind. To that end, I reached out to Little Lebowski and obtained his blessing to augment my limited bibliography of Pat's writings via Pistol Forum ("PF").

    As a result, I hereby volunteer to act as a clearinghouse for information that PF members care to share regarding Pat's writings. I created an excel spreadsheet containing a partial list of Pat's articles from SWAT Magazine. I reached out to a dear friend (whom I met through a Pat class) who has graciously added to the spreadsheet. My goal is to compile as complete a bibliography for Pat as possible. Once I do that, I will post the resulting spreadsheet here on PF.

    If you are so inclined, please send me a private message ("PM") through PF with the following information:
    1. Publication that Pat's article appeared in (Example: SWAT Magazine);
    2. Date of the article (Example: "September 2009" is sufficient);
    3. Title of the article;
    4. Do you possess an actual physical copy of the article;
    5. Any other pertinent information;
    6. Your contact information (just in case I need additional information);

    Here is a summary of what I have as of November 2020:

    SWAT Magazine:
    1. 2009: All months accounted for.
    2. 2010: No information.
    3. 2011: All months accounted for.
    4. 2012: All months accounted for.
    5. 2013: No information.
    6. 2014: All months accounted for.
    7. 2015: All months accounted for.
    8. 2016: All months accounted for.
    9. 2017: January to September accounted for.

    I have no idea when Pat started writing for SWAT magazine, nor if he wrote for other publications (I think he did). I believe Pat's last article was published in SWAT Magazine in the August 2017 issue. I was in the middle of a retirement/move/house build in 2017 and lost track of SWAT magazine although I understand they ceased producing a paper publication at some point.

    I also know Pat posted prolifically on various internet forums such as Lightfighter Tactical. Some of Pat's posts were very detailed and also worthy of being retained. How we accomplish that I do not know, but would like to see if it could be done.

    I am reaching out to other folks who knew/worked with Pat to see if I can get any additional information. If you have any suggested leads, please let me know.

    Thank you to Little Lebowski for supporting this. Thanks in advance to all who provide information.

    Bruce Cartwright
    Owner & chief instructor-SAC Tactical
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    Website: ""

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    Fwiw, I've got a number of Pat's older articles - 00s - in digital format, either scanned or downloaded.

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